Orthopedics Services




From simple rehabilitative care to complex surgery and auto accident care, our modern orthopaedic services in Orlando deploy a wide range of specialized techniques to help those who suffer from painful or movement-limiting conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Patients often wonder if they should choose to accept expert orthopaedic services or try something simpler first. Understanding your choices can help.



Who needs orthopaedic services?

While a chiropractor performs simple spinal alignment manipulations, they do not prescribe medications or offer specialized orthopedic treatment such as surgery. An orthopaedist, on the other hand, is equipped with a medical degree, and years of specialized learning and experience dealing with conditions affecting the bones, the muscles, the joint ligaments, and the tendons. In some cases, in addition to regular orthopedic treatment, an orthopaedist can diagnose conditions of the skin and nervous system, as well. In essence, if you suffer from issues, painful or otherwise, that limit your ability to move -- these may be from something like an auto accident injury or something less serious -- an orthopaedist is the specialist that you need to make an appointment with.

What problems does orthopaedics solve?

When you arrive for a consultation at our orthopaedic center, the physician is able to apply specialized medical knowledge, and prescribe surgical intervention or rehabilitative treatments, to correct difficulties you may experience in the musculoskeletal system. They can diagnose and help with a vast range of deformities and conditions, including arthritis, osteoporosis, injuries or trauma to joints, tendons, or ligaments, and with fractures.

At your orthopaedic consultation, our orthopaedists can assist you with prescriptions for surgery or rehabilitative therapy to restore physical movement, and bring back normal levels of strength to the musculoskeletal system. They can also help alleviate conditions that cause tissue loss, and pain.


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How long does recovery take?

When you accept treatment for an orthopaedic condition, the period of time that your body takes to return to normal depends on the condition itself, and the specific kind of treatment prescribed. For instance, following a fracture or other car injuries sustained in an auto accident, the process of recovery, once you have surgery, takes place mostly at home, where you need to become familiar with what your body is and isn't able to do. You need to work with occupational therapists and physical therapists for a period of up to eight weeks to return to normal. Restoring full function to the body part affected can take further attention.

Finding an orthopaedic specialist

With orthopaedic conditions, it helps to seek treatment as early as possible. Timely treatment helps make sure that a condition or problem isn't given time to worsen. At your initial orthopaedic consultation in Orlando, the specialist isolates the issue and narrows down the possible causes. After tests are performed, you get to learn about your treatment options, about the medications and rehabilitative treatments necessary, and the timeframe that you look at as you get better. The earlier you get started treating your condition, the easier the recovery process is likely to be.