What is this service, for what purposes, and what will the patient receive?

Foraminotomy is a method of surgery that involves the expansion of the intervertebral or so - called foraminal opening by eliminating the areas of the vertebra that have undergone the formation of bone spines (osteochondrosis). Sometimes treatment is accompanied by a clearer approach to the complication and requires the removal of a small part of the intervertebral disc. In osteochondrosis, it is indicated for foraminal intervertebral stenosis and root pain syndrome.



The vast majority of patients underestimate the severity of the situation, when complications progress at a faster rate, neglect examinations and, consequently, do not receive treatment. As a result, the pathology is triggered so much that it is possible to improve the patient's condition and restore the normal functioning of the PDS only with the help of surgical methods of treatment.

The operation is performed under General anesthesia by endoscopic method, which makes it possible to facilitate and shorten the rehabilitation period, as well as avoid the formation of large scars. All the necessary tools are inserted into your body through an endoscope, and for its installation, a skin incision of no more than 1 cm is sufficient.

Endoscopes are equipped with LEDs and a video camera that transmits the image in real time to the computer screen, so our surgeon can perform all the necessary work and at the same time significantly reduce the risk of complications.

Foraminotomy in Orlando (Florida) is performed under the supervision of our specialists in the field of surgery. Each of them has passed special training and received a high qualification of a surgeon. You can be sure of our professionalism and entrust the operation to its best masters.