Annular tears





An acute pain in the lower back that restricts movement and does not allow you to bend and straighten yourself - these are signs of trouble in the area of intervertebral discs. Annular tears are a serious complication, direct damage to the fibrous disk, which lasts for a long time without treatment of osteochondrosis. Degenerative dystrophic changes that occur in the cartilage tissues of the intervertebral discs eventually lead to their complete destruction. They lose their physiological functions, thus, without treatment, you risk being immobilized (paralyzed).

Annular tears are a violation of the integrity of the outer shell, as a result of which the pulpous core begins to slip through the crack. In order to understand what ring breaks are, or a rupture of the fibrous ring of the disk, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the anatomy of this structural part of the vertebral column.

The structure of the spine is very complex. It consists of vertebral bodies with arched processes, intervertebral discs, long and short ligaments, muscle fibers, and connective tissue. The whole structure has a certain mobility and flexibility. Even distribution of the shock-absorbing load and protection of the root nerves coming out through the foraminal openings of the vertebrae is carried out by cartilaginous intervertebral discs.

Annular tears of the intervertebral disc without the exit of the pulposus nucleus are extrusion. This stage of the course of osteochondrosis inevitably leads to the appearance of an intervertebral hernia. Timely treatment can stop the process of further destruction of cartilage tissue.

Before treating annular tears in Orlando, our professional will identify and eliminate all negative factors that could be the potential causes of degenerative dystrophic changes in cartilage. Further, the specialist will help you identify the potential cause and give you all the necessary recommendations to eliminate it.

The most effective and safe way to carry out complex treatment of a hernia with a rupture of the fibrous ring of the spine is manual therapy in combination with kinesitherapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic gymnastics and reflexology. Osteopathy allows you to restore the integrity of the fibrous ring, correct the herniated bulge of the pulposus nucleus and restore the processes of microcirculation of blood and lymphatic fluid in the lesion. Massage allows you to stop excessive tension of the muscle fiber, to weaken the pain syndrome. Kinesitherapy and therapeutic gymnastics normalize muscle tone, stretch the vertebral column, and create favorable conditions for the restoration of damaged tissues. Reflexology triggers regeneration processes by activating hidden reserves of the body.

Do not allow complications, so that everything does not end sadly for you. Visit our center in Orlando and we will immediately start your treatment and return you to your old and healthy appearance.



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