Epidural steroid injection

Epidural steroid injection

Epidural steroid injection is a type of injection in which cortisone enters the epidural space located in the extreme spine. Very often there is pain in the lower back, middle part or even the neck, and when complications follow, the radiant pain begins to progress, then treatment is prescribed.

An epidural steroid injection is administered directly to the area of the source of pain, this may differ from the injection into the bloodstream, thereby bringing relief to this area of the body. Sometimes the pain can be caused by an intervertebral hernia, a rupture of the fibrous disk or its degenerative disease, a bone spur. In this case, immediate surgical intervention is required and treatment should be started as soon as possible.

When you arrive at the appointment, you will be asked to remove your outer clothing, but if necessary for optimal surgery, you should remove everything, in General, the area where the injection will be administered should be completely naked. Then you will go to the office, where you will receive an intravenous dose of medication as an auxiliary substance for complete relaxation. After that, you will be placed on an x-ray machine equipped with a roller to help reveal the spaces between the bones of the spine. In other cases, you are in a constant sitting position, while your neck is tilted forward in the same way as your back.

The area of the skin where the injection will be made is cleaned with an antibacterial agent (swab) and anesthesia is administered for pain relief. After you lose the feeling of this area, the doctor makes an injection into the spine through the skin. Cortisone enters the epidural space, in conjunction with an anesthetic. At the end of the procedure, you will be bandaged at the place of operation. Then you stay in a special recovery room for some time (usually no more than an hour).


Where and by whom are these types of injections used? Exclusively specialists in this field who are engaged in surgical orthopedics are successfully and often used by anesthesiologists, practiced and also used by neurologists and other masters of medicine who are ideally related to their work and appreciate their title of the best doctors. All these specialists are located in our orthopedic center, so you can no doubt entrust the treatment to our medical professionals and make an epidural injection of steroids in Orlando, Florida.



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