Second opinion

Touch of Health works for people who have pain in different parts of the body. You can get care and treatment for several injuries at once, because our scope of work is broad. We work with all people who complain of knee, spine, arm, hip, neck, shoulder, elbow, lower back, coccyx, foot and ankle pain.


You may have had a consultation at some other medical center that told you that the only way to treat your injury was through surgery. We understand that surgery on any part of the human body is an important decision. That’s why, at our center, you have the opportunity to get a second opinion about your injury. After our specialists review the details of your injury and your entire medical history, they will be able to tell you if you need surgery or if there is a chance for you to undergo another type of treatment (such as medication).

When you contact Touch of Health Medical Center, you will be able to get answers to questions such as:

  • Do you know all the treatment options available for your ailment? Which ones are appropriate to relieve your symptoms without surgery?
  • If surgery will be needed on the affected area of the body, what type of surgery should be performed? Will you need to use any advanced techniques or can it be done on a simpler level?
  • Can you qualify for advanced technology that improves the outcome of the surgery and further life?
  • What kind of surgery can you count on to get you home soon and get you back to your normal routine? How quickly can your treatment go?
  • We will help you find answers to these and other questions if you ask us for a second opinion.
Second opinion

Fill out the questionnaire below so we can learn more about your condition at this time.

We will review your medical condition and recommended treatment, and then our staff will contact you to discuss the details of your treatment and possible alternatives.

Remember, your medical condition depends on the decision you make. 

In order to ensure that your injuries are repaired as quickly as possible, find out all possible treatment options beforehand.

Second opinion

Fill out the information below to request a second opinion. Rate: $500 dollars for record review. 

    Touch of Health Medical Center

    Complete a full examination at our center and get a prognosis for your recovery.
    Usually, the treatment / restoration of the in our center  takes less time, since our specialists help to recover much faster


    Professional team

    Our highly trained team of professionals will hold your hand on the way to speedy recovery. It is essential to the examine your traumas after accident by professionals who focus on specific types of injuries. We are ready to offer you: proper diagnostic treatment, therapy as well as any difficulty level of pain management procedures and surgeries.  We treat:

    • Whiplash;
    • Head, neck and back pain;
    • Annular tears;
    • Hernias;
    • Disk bulges;
    • Shoulder and knee traumas;

    Advanced equipment

    Our mission is to provide solutions that exceed the needs and expectations of our patients. Touch of Health Medical Center surgeons are able to perform difficult spine and orthopedic surgeries with the most up to date procedures on the latest equipment. We work with outpatient surgery centers and most of our patients leave home the same day. We can perform:

    • Spinal Fusion;
    • Spine Discography;
    • Foraminotomy;
    • Arthroscopy;
    • Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery;

    Acceptable prices

    Our goal is to help you get maximum medical improvement and make is as affordable as possible. If you are injured during an auto accident or at the job, your bills might be able to get covered by insurance. We will also work with your attorney to help you get better and accept LOP (Letter of protection). We accept:

    • Auto insurance (after car accident);
    • Workers Comp insurance (work relater accident);
    • LOP (attorney letter of protection);
    • Health insurance for out of network providers only;
    • Care Credit (third party payment plan with as low as 0% APR if paid off in time);