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    Ankle pain is a common symptom that occurs at a young age after repeated traumatic effects on the area of the ankle joint. In older people, pain in the ankle area can be triggered by degenerative changes in the ankle and knee joints. Such pathologies lead to the destruction of the cartilage layer, then osteoarthritis develops and the bone tissue is deformed. The nature of painful sensations is also present in the foot area – this is the lowest part of the limb. It is a combined group of bones that perform a supporting function. Foot pain can be a sign of various diseases, provoked by both physical exertion and traumatic injuries.

    Foot and Ankle pain

    The most common areas of Foot treatment

    Surgical treatments for these conditions include:


    Foot and ankle treatment

    Foot and Ankle pain

    The first thing you should do for ankle and foot pain is to seek medical help. You have no chance to identify the cause of the pain yourself. Only an experienced Chiropractor can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment of the foot and ankle joint

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    Foot surgery

    Diagnostics-our experienced orthopedic foot surgeon (or chiropractor of the foot) will quickly identify the result. If vascular problems are detected, treatment is directed to this area. If the pain appears due to scarring of the ligament and tendon apparatus, then medical measures will be aimed at eliminating these ailments.


    1. Osteopathy – helps to improve circulation of blood and eliminate the excess swelling and infiltration of tissues. Good practice for the foot treatment pain;

    2. Massage -improves the condition of soft tissues, increases elasticity, activates muscle tone and restores nutrition to the cartilage tissue;

    3. Therapeutic gymnastics  -normalizes your mobility;

    4. Physical therapy – will speed up the recovery and recovery processes.

    Shin treatment pain

    • Medical therapy. The list of medications is determined by the symptoms of the disease. In case of intense pain, analgesics are prescribed.

    • Medical gymnastics. Mandatory part of recovery measures. It allows you to maintain muscle strength and joint mobility, prevents the development of complications, and improves limb function.

    • Physiotherapy (Chiropractic treatment). Shin treatment pain is accompanied by procedures to reduce pain and inflammation, activating blood circulation, stimulating the recovery process.

    Causes of leg pain

    The most common causes of leg pain are:

    • Venous insufficiency – is a consequence of varicose veins. There are pains in the legs, which usually appear in the evening after a long stay in an upright position.

    • Arterial insufficiency – develops due to atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities. This condition is formed due to the fact that you do not control blood pressure well, which leads to the risk of getting hypercholesterolemia, and this also applies to those who often abuse bad habits.

    • Polyneuropathy is a pathology that causes excruciating pain in the legs. This is a violation of the peripheral nerves. The clinical picture is characterized by various symptoms – pain in the legs at rest, reduction of calves, a feeling of shivering, tingling, perhaps a feeling of discomfort when touching the skin.

    •  Osteochondrosis – pain in the legs can occur due to osteochondrosis of the lumbar and sacral spine. Tingling sensations spread from the back of the thigh to the front and side of the lower leg and the back of the foot.

    • Joint diseases are the most common disease, which is deforming osteoarthritis. Unpleasant sensations occur in this case with the simplest and most everyday movements.

    Shin pain

    Foot and Ankle pain

    The cause of shin pain can be: 

    • lower leg injuries. As a result of the injury, both soft tissues and bones of the lower leg can be damaged. 

    • diseases of the lower leg bones. Osteochondropathy of tibial tuberosity. The disease occurs mainly in people who are actively engaged in sports, in particular running.

    • diseases of the muscles. Pain in calf muscles is commonly associated with their inflammation that is observed in various pathological conditions (delayed onset muscle soreness, cramps)

    • vascular disease of the tibia. When blood vessels are damaged, the blood supply is disrupted, which causes severe ischemic pain that occurs when there is insufficient oxygen supply to the tissues.

    • diseases of the spine. Damage to the spinal column in the lumbosacral region can lead to compression of the spinal nerves, which will cause pain in different areas of the leg.

    • infectious disease. Infection of the skin, soft tissues or bones of the lower leg is also the cause of pain in this area (boils, osteomyelitis).

    • tumors of the lower leg. At the initial stages of development, the tumor does not manifest itself in any way, because it does not contain nerve endings. Clinical symptoms, including shin painoccur in the later stages of the disease, when there is damage to the surrounding tissues. Therefore, the treatment of shin pain, if you have it, is a priority.

    Foot injuries

    • Dislocations. Violation of the normal position of the joint and bones-fibular, tibial and talus. In this case, the foot injuries are accompanied by partial damage or complete rupture of ligaments. It is recommended to immediately contact a doctor for foot and ankle treatment, otherwise the pain will become even stronger.
    • Fractures. Damage to the bones forming it, due to mechanical action or pressure. As a rule, the damage force is greater than that which the bones of the foot could withstand without damage.
    • Stretchings. Closed violation of the integrity of the ligamentous apparatus caused by exposure to high loads that exceed the physical norm. Foot and ankle treatment pain during stretching is carried out under the supervision of the attending physician.

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