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    A claw toe is a toe that is bent at the second and third metatarsophalangeal joints. The foot malfunction develops due to the tension of the tendons of the flexor muscles. It leads to the fact that the phalanges of the fingers bend in the plantar direction. The most common discomfort is felt at the top of the toe, when the feet are rubbing against the shoe, and at the tip of the toe, which is pressed against the bottom of the shoe. Thus, callus treatment is required as soon as possible.

    Claw toes are classified according to the mobility of the finger joints. There are two types of deformation – movable and fixed. The moveable type of claw toe can be straightened by hand. However, this is not possible with immobile foot joints. If the treatment is postponed, it can lead to impaired walking, causing additional stress on the metatarsal bones, where the ball of the foot is located.

    Causes and Symptoms of Claw Toe

    Toe deformities occur in 2 – 20% of cases. Women experience this feet malfunction 5 times more often. Most of the cases of claw toe occur due to muscle imbalance. Risk factors for the development of these foot deformities are:

    • flat feet,
    • traumatic injury;
    • some diseases, such as arthritis.

    Contributing diseases include neuromuscular disorders (multiple sclerosis, Charcot-Marie’s disease, cerebral palsy), inflammatory diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis), and diabetes mellitus.

    If there is no timely treatment for claw toe, this foot pathology becomes fixed. At the same time, the shoes rub the areas of the joints of these fingers and calluses are formed in this place. Callus treatment is essential at this stage in our Orlando clinic.

    In addition, the metatarsal bones under the weight of the body experience an increased load, as a result of which feet corns develop in this zone. At this stage of claw toe, the toes are quite difficult to straighten. Therefore, the treatment of this deformity should be started from the very first signs.

    Treatment of Claw Toe

    In the early stages of the claw toe, conservative treatment is prescribed in Orlando. If the state of foot deformity of the toes is left without proper attention, then the soft tissues become fixed, adhesions form between the capsule of the joint and the tendons, and the foot disorder becomes persistent. In this case, you have to resort to surgical intervention for callus treatment. In the medical center “Touch of Health”, one of the types of operations most often used is a low-traumatic one called arthroplasty.

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    Medically reviewed by Michael Thomas Posted on April 8, 2021

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