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The knee joint is one of the most difficult joints and is therefore more susceptible to injury, wear and tear and infection.  A sore knee is a direct source of disability, it reduces the ability to work and productivity of a person's daily activities.Therefore, the treatment of knee pain, if you have it, is a priority.


Causes of pain in the knee joint and what self-medication leads to

Knee pain has different causes, it occurs very often, since the knee is a load-bearing joint.  Be careful, because self-medication has negative consequences and this will affect your knee in the future.

Arthritis and arthrosi

Arthritis is an acute inflammatory disease.  The same ailment is a symptom of rheumatism.  Self-medication will lead to an advanced stage and can go into a chronic phase.

Arthrosis is a chronic disease in which the articular surfaces and the capsule are "erased", and a deformity of the knee is formed.


Osteoarthritis of the knee, which begins with deterioration of the cartilage of the joint, causes pain and inability to exercise or move in daily life.

Knee and meniscus injuries


Knee fractures are often the result of road accidents, combat training, and improper physical fitness.


A knee sprain is an injury to the ligaments that provide stability to the knee joint, as well as an injury that occurs mainly during sports. Very common knee injury.


Menisci can crack in acute trauma, causing pain and joint effusion.  In this case, the knee orthopedic surgeon prescribes arthroscopy or resection.

Knee surgery

Surgery is prescribed when standard methods are ineffective.

There are five options for surgery:

    Restoration of tissue integrity, removal of damaged elements.

    Debridement: cleansing the joint cavity.

    Removal of cysts and other neoplasms.

    Arthroplasty: modeling new joints and their surfaces.

    Endoprosthetics - replacement of a joint with an artificial one.


Joint replacement

According to the diagnosis and secondary criteria identified by a specialist, the most appropriate implantation tactics are selected:

Partial replacement - one semicircular elevation of the femur with a proximal fragment of the tibia synchronized to it is subject to prosthetics.

Complete - the entire knee joint changes, the old one is removed completely, and an endoprosthesis is put in its place;

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