Total Knee Replacement

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    Total knee replacement belongs to highly-demanded operational interventions. This is determined by the fact that these joints are subjected to serious stress on a daily basis, wear out gradually or are injured as a result of negligence. Regardless of the etiology, joint deformity brings severe aching, which is very difficult to relieve. And the only effective way to get rid of the soreness is total knee replacement.

    In each case, due to the scale of the problem, the specialist selects the appropriate kind of knee replacement:

    • Single-sided construction;
    • Interpositional replacement;
    • Endoprosthesis on a movable base (platform);
    • Tied implant.
    Total Knee Replacement

    Knee Replacement Surgery

    At the preparatory stage, a full examination of the body condition is carried out in our medical center Touch of Health. This allows identifying the presence of contraindications or make sure that they do not exist. Hospitalization takes 1-2 days before knee replacement surgery.

    The knee replacement surgery lasts on average 2-3 hours. Depending on a range of factors, the anesthesiologist decides which kind of anesthesia to apply. The type of prosthesis is selected on the basis of X-ray data. To increase the chances of an effective total knee replacement, the installation of grafts takes place in a computer-guided format.

    The knee replacement surgery algorithm is as follows:

    • layer-by-layer immersion into soft tissues;
    • neat exposure of the knee joint;
    • sawing off pathological bone tissue;
    • installation of joint implants;
    • cleaning and processing of the operating field;
    • layered suturing.

    During the outpatient partial knee replacement, measures are taken in order to avoid any critical issues, if necessary, replenishment of blood loss from the wound in order to prevent blood accumulation.

    What is the Recovery Time?

    The rehabilitation of the regular functions occurs during 3 months following total knee replacement. And in the course of the time, the administration of antibiotics, painkillers, symptomatic treatment continues.

    When will my Staples be Removed?

    From 2nd day after total knee replacement, you can sit down in bed, start static exercises for the muscles of the limb, and do breathing exercises. The staples are removed on the 10th-12th day.

    How Long do I Need to Keep a Bandage on my Incision?

    It is necessary to be careful not to get water on the wound until it is completely sealed. You can wear a special bandage to prevent clothing or elastic stockings from irritating the wound within the first couple of weeks after knee replacement.

    Do I Require Physical Therapy?

    We provide special restorative technique, including special remedial gymnastics after total knee replacement, massage and physiotherapy in our medical center.

    For another two months, the patient performs the above-mentioned techniques on his own at home. During this time, the general task of the medical specialist and the patient is:

    • A gradual increase in the motor amplitude of the joint.
    • improving the muscle strength of the limb.
    • Planned development of the joint, return to a normal lifestyle.

    It is quite essential for the recovery course at home to take place without excessive stress or, on the contrary, too gentle. In addition to the prescribed set of physical techniques, it is useful for the patient to move around the house, perform simple work, gradually returning to normal.

    How Long will I be on Pain Medicine?

    The length of the medicament course is determined by the degree of soreness and individual specifics of the knee replacement characteristics.

    Written by Touch of Health Posted on April 20, 2021

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