Laminectomy is the surgical removal of a portion of bone tissue from a person's vertebral disc in order to release a pinched nerve fiber. Otherwise, this procedure is called open decompression. It is performed in cases where conservative treatment, physiotherapy and other methods have proved ineffective. Laminectomy is an extreme measure in an attempt to release the nerve root on any part of the spine.

Before treatment by any method, it is necessary to determine the nature of the pathology as accurately as possible. Spine disease can occur at any age, being a congenital factor, a consequence of another disease or injury.

You are being examined by a surgeon who fixes the curvature of the spine visually.

Confirmed the damaged vertebrae with x-rays. For a more accurate diagnosis and visual confirmation, magnetic resonance imaging is used.

Ultrasound scanning of the soft tissues of the spine allows you to see the accumulation of fluids or inflammation next to the latter.

An important aspect of diagnosis is epiduroscopy. During this procedure, the epidural space of the spine is studied, which allows you to visually observe all pathological growths on the vertebrae, as well as the condition of the yellow ligaments. This study is performed through endoscopic instruments inserted through the skin.



Laminectomy is performed using various methods, depending on the condition of the spine, the group of vertebrae, the severity and form of the pathology: Removing the arches of the 1st vertebra is called a hemilaminectomy. During an interlaminar laminectomy, the yellow ligament is cut and the arches of the damaged vertebra are removed. In total the operation are removed and the pedicles of the vertebra, and spinous processes. In bone-plastic laminectomy, the removed parts of the vertebra are replaced with artificial overlays. A laminectomy is a surgical operation. And depending on the method of penetration to the vertebrae, it has different types: ● In some cases, penetration is carried out through the skin and soft tissues on the back. ● The cervical vertebrae can open through the left or right side of the neck. ● According to a number of indications, the surgeon can enter the lumbar spine through the abdominal cavity. The choice of the method of penetration depends on which side of the spine is damaged or on which side the nerve root is pinched.   Laminectomy in Orlando (Florida) is performed strictly by experienced and professional medical professionals. You can be absolutely sure that only the best surgeons of the center are engaged in your treatment. Make an appointment with us today and don't put it off until tomorrow to avoid future complications.   ANOTHER SERVICES Annular Tears services | Arthroscopy services | Facet joint injection services | Epidural Steroid Injection services | Cervical Fusions services | Spinal Decompression services | Laminectomy services | Discography services | Radiofrequency Ablation services Artificial Disc Replacement services Foraminotomy services | Medical center Orlando