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The shoulder is a complex assemblage built of multiple joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, all of which work together to lend the arm its wide range of motion.

The complexity inherent in the design comes with a trade-off: trauma, or even repetitive use over time may lead to instability, or may have the bony parts impinging upon the soft tissue, making for pain. Shoulder pain of some types may get better on their own over time, with rest, but others may require expert medical diagnosis and treatment at an orthopaedic center near you.


Frequently asked questions about shoulder pain

A number of different factors can play a role in the emergence of pain in a shoulder, but rotator cuff tendinitis -- swollen and inflamed tendons -- is one of the most common causes. Impingement syndrome is another frequent cause. If you’re concerned about pain, shoulder pain can come about for a wide variety of other reasons, including arthritis, tears in the cartilage or rotator cuff, swollen tendons or bursae, fractures, dislocations, injuries, and much more. Our shoulder care specialist (chiropractor) in Orlando should be able to help you with each one of these conditions.

How do you treat shoulder pain?

Depending on the cause in a given instance, shoulder pain may be treated non-surgically, or may require shoulder surgery. Nonsurgical treatment may include recommendations for lifestyle changes, prescription drugs, physical therapy, Chiropractic care, corticosteroid injections, or orthobiologics (substances that promote healing).   If necessary, your orthopaedist may recommend surgery. With modern advances in orthopaedic surgical medicine, an expert orthopaedic shoulder surgeon is able to operate arthroscopically -- through tiny incisions.

How do you treat a fractured collarbone?

The collarbone is a slender process that extends between the sternum (or breastbone) and the scapula (or shoulder blade). Sports injuries, falls, and traffic accidents are frequent causes of fractures. You know when to suspect a fracture when you feel pain in the collarbone moving a shoulder following trauma. It’s important to understand that delays in collarbone treatment can lead to poor healing, and prompt, timely intervention can help hasten healing. Treatment for pain in the collarbone following a fracture typically includes immobilization in a sling, pain relievers, and physical therapy. In some complex fractures of the collarbone, however, collarbone treatment may include surgery, and implant plates may be required. An expert in shoulder treatment in Orlando (FL), at the Touch of Health center, should be able to help you.


How do you help someone with arthritis of the shoulder?

An arthritic shoulder is one that suffers from cartilage loss. Orthopaedic surgeons will first attempt treatment conservatively with corticosteroid injections, dietary supplements, and NSAID medications, but, in some cases, may recommend shoulder treatment with replacement surgery. While little can be done to prevent traumatic shoulder injuries, taking care to not subject the shoulder to excessively repetitive motions can help prevent shoulder treatment pain. The clinic will be happy to provide you with a doctor for the treatment of shoulder arthritis.

Whether you need rehabilitation after shoulder injuries, or would like to seek advice on preventing possible painful damage in the future, getting in touch with a specialist at the orthopaedic medical center at Touch of Health in Orlando (Florida) would be the right way to proceed. Chiropractic care in Orlando is one of the most effective treatments sudden or chronic shoulder pain.


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