Treatment Coccyx pain

Treatment Coccyx pain




Coccyx pain is actually not such a rare symptom is many of us believe. Of course at young age pain in this area rarely occurs even in the certain health conditions, however later it is quite commonly spread. Ignoring tailbone pain and continue living the same life can lead to the serious critical conditions. As the diseases which cause these symptoms progress and it is hard to stop this process. If you feel soreness in the coccyx you must immediately consult a coccyx care specialist in Orlando (it can be a doctor or a chiropractor), establish the cause and only then select a treatment plan accordingly.


Causes of Coccyx Pain

One of the frequent reasons of tailbone pain is a coccyx injury. It can happen as a result of certain sports (frequently observed in cases of cyclists and figures skaters) as well as in winter due to falling on the street.

However, trauma is far from the only cause of soreness. Quite often this symptom appears when there is pathology in internal organs, mainly located in the small pelvis. We are talking about such diseases requiring immediate coccyx treatment as:

  • Joints and bones conditions;
  • Inflammation in female pelvic organs as it can affect the tailbone painfully;
  • Adenoma in prostate glands;
  • Bladder and urinary tract inflammation.

Orlando Orthopedic Center has experienced medical staff and provides treatment for all cases of coccodynia.

Coccyx Pain Treatment

Medical care for coccodynia is provided based on the established causes of pain syndrome. Specialists and chiropractors often prefer the conservative methods to avoid coccyx surgery. The general principle of coccyx pain treatment is to prescribe a complex plan which includes massage sessions and physiotherapy. Ultrasound technologies are also widely used combined with electrotherapy, anesthesia and glucocorticoid therapy. Massages, underwater traction and paraffin applications reduce the spasm of coccyx injuries significantly. The purpose of the above-mentioned procedures is to straighten or return the tailbone to its normal position. Diseases with coccyx pain syndromes often involve the use of analgetics.

  • Coccyx treatment in Orlando also includes:
  • Coccyx mobilization (osteopathic correction);
  • Healthy diet plan;
  • Steroids application.

Touch of Health, orthopedic center near you in Orlando, is well-known for its professional orthopedic coccyx surgeons and highly-qualified coccyx pain treatment. Efficient medical care is guaranteed and tailbone treatment plan is prescribed according to your condition. Chiropractic care in Orlando is one of the most effective treatments sudden or chronic Coccyx pain.