Treatment Chest pain

Treatment chest pain


The first thing that comes to mind most often when pain chest occurs is a heart attack. Of course, any chest pain can not be ignored and it can have many causes. This problem can be encountered absolutely at any age, and as medical practice shows, very often pain chest is not directly related to the heart. These can be problems with the lungs, esophagus, muscles, and nerve endings. The appearance of chest pain also indicates many diseases and this symptom definitely becomes a cause for concern. Sometimes pain chest is not life-threatening and is not accompanied by diseases, as it carries a traumatic nature, and yet, the occurrence of such sensations is a reason for immediate medical attention. Therefore, the treatment of Chest pain, if you have it, is a priority.


Causes of chest pain

Chest injuries are a group of mechanical injuries or injuries to internal organs, blood vessels, tissues of the chest cavity, and ribs. They occur as a result of congenital or acquired pathologies, injuries after accidents and operations, and abnormalities in the development of the musculoskeletal system. Signs of damage depend on which area of the sternum is affected and how seriously. The characteristic symptoms of the diseases.
  • coughing, shortness of breath;
  • the respiratory spasms;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • bleedings;
  • asphyxia;
  • shock condition;
  • pain of various types;
  • difficulty breathing
  Causes of chest injuries:
  • Traumatic ruptures of arteries and soft tissues;
  • Pathological instability of the chest;
  • Injuries to internal organs and ribs;
  • Mechanical pressure on the body;
  • Failed operations on the edge area;
  • Car accident;
  • Fall from height;
  • Fractures - a fracture of bone or cartilage under intense pressure and load;
  • Dislocations - displacement of bone and cartilage tissue in the joint area;
  • Bruises - damage to surface structures from a strong impact;
  • Concussions-occur after a fall, sharp blows or shaking, squeezing.


As a prevention, it is extremely important to adhere to an active lifestyle, get rid of bad habits, avoid long-term and complicated diseases of an infectious nature, as well as violations of the temperature regime, that is, hypothermia. At the first sign of chest pain, we recommend that you visit our orthopedic center in Orlando and get tested so that we can easily remove the disease that is present in your body and immediately start treatment.  

Chest surgery

Our highly qualified chest care specialist in Orlando (Florida) provides a complete diagnosis and accompanies you through all stages of treatment. To make a diagnosis, an orthopedic chest surgeon examines and palpates the patient, evaluates the symmetry of the chest wall, lung noises, respiratory rate and pulse. It is possible to use a probe and tracheal intubation to ensure air passage through the respiratory tract. Chest treatment begins with the main methods used in this area:


  • computed tomography;
  • positron emission tomography combined with computed tomography.


  • fiber-optic bronchoscopy (evaluation of the condition of the respiratory tract)
  • fibroezofagogastroduodenoscopy (assessment of the esophagus)

In addition, chest treatment requires ultrasound, because this clinical examination allows not only to detect pathogenic neoplasms, but also to determine its nature, structure, degree of development and potential danger. According to the indications of our competent specialists, you also need to undergo mammography, biopsy and MRI, because the diagnostic results will allow us to reveal a detailed clinical picture.

Orthopedic medical center near you, you should not put off until tomorrow that the problem with the breast, it had unfortunate consequences. Never self-medicate! This will entail terrible losses and the risk of getting new diseases, including infections. Entrust chest treatment in Orlando (FL) only to trained specialists (chiropractors and doctors) in the medical field and change your life for the better. Make an appointment with us today to get rid of negativity forever and start a unique and professional treatment. A chiropractor in Orlando is always present and will be happy to see you. Chiropractic care in Orlando is one of the most effective treatments sudden or chronic chest pain.


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