6 Reasons Your Sleep is Suffering and How to Solve Them

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Sleep is an essential element in a person’s life and the lack of it can lead to various health issues. People find themselves waking up grumpy and without the energy to go about their daily activities because they hardly fall asleep or wake up several times at night. Being active and eating well but not having enough sleep impacts all the progress you’re achieving.

Sleep disorders can cause various health conditions when unchecked, including weight gain, high blood pressure, the risk for diabetes, among others. One must therefore get at least seven hours of sleep every night. There are many reasons why many people have insomnia, such as:


  1. Your Bed is Not Comfortable

A good bed and mattress should support the whole body while keeping the spine in a neutral position for better sleep. People sleep in different ways, such as on their stomachs, back, side, in warm blankets, or without them. They also have different needs based on back pain or age. Having a quality mattress that fits with the way you sleep and the nature of one’s back pain is important.

But what type of mattress is best for back pain? There are various options of mattresses that people can choose depending on their needs. People who share a bed can go for options that can benefit both of them. A good bed should promote good spinal alignment and comfort for better quality sleep.


  1. You Are Stressed

Stress is a common cause of sleep disorders as one may be experiencing depression, anxiety, or illness. Chronic stress can happen through traumatic experiences, social relationships, school, or work. The stressors cause the body to have hyperarousal that makes one lack sleep for long hours.

People should, therefore, address the root causes of the stress they experience. One can start by creating a ritual before going to bed to help calm down, have a warm bath, or light a candle. Anything that can help create a peaceful environment, including various meditation techniques.


  1. Your Circadian Rhythm is Off

The circadian rhythm is the behavioral, mental, and physical changes that take part in a 24-hour cycle. It is the reason why the body automatically regulates day and night. The circadian rhythm can become off if one travel’s to a different time zone or works at night. Looking at screens before bedtime deceives the eyes to presume it’s daytime.

The hormone in charge of regulating day and night in the body is called melatonin and is best got by having adequate sunlight. During the winter months, one’s body may lack melatonin which is why sleeping disorders are widespread during this time. One can also try melatonin supplements to promote better sleep in winter.


  1. You Consume Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine is a widely used stimulant that helps to keep one energetic throughout the day. It stays in the body for about 10 hours; therefore, if consumed in the afternoon can cause sleep deprivation. People should therefore avoid taking caffeinated foods in the afternoon hours.

Caffeine affects the brain by blocking the adenosine receptors promoting the release of dopamine, which increases one’s alertness. Adenosine is a hormone that promotes one to sleep, which is the reason why its lack can only increase alertness. Too much caffeine can also increase a person’s heart rate, anxiety, and restlessness.


  1. You Are Inactive

Inactivity will breed poor sleep quality; therefore, people must become active throughout the day. One can start with doing less intensive activities like taking a few walks around the neighborhood then gradually increasing. 

Having a regular exercise routine helps the body to function better increasing the amount of slow wave sleep. Slow-wave sleep is a deep sleep that the mind and body require to rejuvenate. 


  1. Your Diet Is Off

“You are what you eat.” It may sound cliché, but the foods one eats can impact the sleeping patterns. While most of the food people eat provides energy, it is recommended that they eat food with lean proteins, complex carbs, and fibers.

People should avoid eating a lot of sugars and starches as they make one get tired faster and prevent natural sleep. They are categorized as simple carbs because they have smaller structures and are easier to digest. Fast digestion raises the energy levels fast but then crashes leaving one feeling groggy.


Get Enough Sleep

Many other factors cause a person’s sleep to suffer but, starting with these common reasons will improve most sleep disorders. Avoiding caffeinated foods in the afternoon, regularly exercising, eating the right food, and working on the stressors can go a long way. The overall health of a person’s life improves as the energy levels increase, and the circadian rhythm is also improved.


Written by Touch of Health Posted on February 8, 2022