Knee Arthroscopy




Arthroscopy is an endoscopic operation used for the detailed diagnosis and surgical treatment of various joint injuries. Highly informative visual technique allows high-quality examination and treatment of the joint in a closed way, using puncture portals, which significantly reduces the degree of surgical trauma, minimizes pain and significantly reduces the recovery period.

Knee Arthroscopy is performed by surgery using specialized, modern fiber optics built into the arthroscope. In the process, you get pain relief services, after which an internal study of bone and cartilage tissues, menisci, tendons, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue elements, synovial fluid is performed.


Treatment is prescribed for: -    torn ligaments and tendons; -    suspected dislocation of the calyx; -    availability of free bodies in the cavity; -    inflammation of the synovial membrane; -    aseptic necrosis of the head of the articular bone; -    injuries, degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the meniscus; Arthroscopy of the knee joint is necessary if you have an injury to the articular cartilage. Arthroscopy in Orlando (Florida) is performed by our unique surgeons to the fullest extent of compliance with measures and competence. Full recovery occurs in about a month, all this time you will follow the recommendations given to you by our specialists. Make an appointment with us for a consultation and we will definitely help you.      ANOTHER SERVICES Annular Tears services | Arthroscopy services | Facet joint injection services | Epidural Steroid Injection services | Cervical Fusions services | Spinal Decompression services | Laminectomy services | Discography services | Radiofrequency Ablation services Artificial Disc Replacement services Foraminotomy services | Medical center Orlando