Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement

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    Cervical artificial disc replacement is a microsurgical technique for implanting a disc implant after total removal of the disc. Such a replacement operation allows you to reliably stabilize the affected segment and restore its lost support functions. The prosthesis restores mobility and the amortization of discectomies level close to normal values. Thanks to the introduction of a special replacement device that is located between two vertebrae, this saves you from compression of the nerve roots, pain and neurological disorders recede, and the performance of the problem part of the spine significantly improves.

    A real cervical intervertebral disc has a unique, mechanical structure. It can withstand huge loads, and at the same time ensures the activity of the cervical region.

    Today, the cervical artificial disk replacement has quite a variety of variations that carry surgical treatment, helping patients with complications in the cervical region and symptomatic problems.

    Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement ​

    About Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement

    The task of implantation of an artificial intervertebral disc is to preserve movement in the disk space.

    The advantage of implantation of an artificial disc include:

    –    maintaining normal neck movement;

    –    reduction of degenerative-dystrophic changes in adjacent segments of the cervical spine;

    –    elimination of potential complications and problems associated with the need to install a bone graft for vertebral fusion and the use of tools for anterior cervical discectomy with fusion;

    –    fast recovery of range of motion after surgery.

    In most cases, pain or other symptoms caused by degenerative-dystrophic changes in the cervical spine respond well to conservative healing, especially at the beginning of the disease.

    Unfortunately, sometimes conservative treatment does not help and urgent cervical artificial disk replacement is necessary.

    Standard cervical artificial disc surgery involves anterior access. The same approach is used for anterior cervical discectomy with fusion.

    Replacement of the cervical intervertebral disc is performed as follows:

    1. An incision is made on the front side of the neck;
    2. The defective disk is removed, as well as other disk fragments that press on the nerve or spinal cord;
    3. To the original position, the disk space is raised to reduce the pressure on the nerves located nearby. Next, an important procedure is to restore the height of the disk to its initial position. When the disc loses activity, its height decreases and this leads to pinching of the nerves in the cervical region;
    4. Using an x-ray, an artificial disk is implanted in the finished disk area.

    Complications occur in isolated cases, and the risk of an unfavorable outcome is 1%. Such conditions only come from the surgeon’s incompetence or lack of professionalism. 

    Like any operation, implanting an artificial intervertebral disc in the cervical spine has its own unique potential risks and complications. Our specialists in Orlando are highly trained and have the highest degree of training of doctors. Each of them has undergone rigorous training and we are confident and proud to declare their uniqueness and responsibility.

    The artificial disk replacement in Orlando (Florida) is under the strict supervision of our surgeons and the operation is completed successfully. We value and care about our patients very much, so you can be absolutely calm about yourself and your health. Make an appointment with us and our specialists will accompany you through the entire course of treatment and provide you with all the necessary recommendations.

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