Spine discography

Spine discography

Discography spine - one of the methods of x-ray examination of intervertebral discs, in which a contrast agent is inserted into the gelatinous nucleus of the cartilage joint by means of a puncture. The study is performed in a specialized x-ray room in neurosurgical or orthopedic departments under the supervision of a doctor.


Among the variety of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine, only a small part of them has strictly defined symptoms. In other cases, pain syndromes differ little, for example, with protrusion of the vertebral disk, compression fractures of vertebral bodies or their instability, spondyloatrosis. Conservative treatment of the spine does not require strict differentiation of pain sources, since it is almost the same for all pathologies, but surgical intervention does not tolerate errors in diagnosis.




A discographic study is conducted to detect the sources of pain in back pathologies for:

  • diagnostics of degenerative-dystrophic changes in intervertebral discs and treatment of osteochondrosis;
  • detection of ruptures of the fibrous ring of the disc and treatment of intervertebral hernia;
  • healing of spinal instability;
  • treatment of lumbalgia

Discography spine can be performed on an outpatient basis, that is, there is no need to go to the clinic specifically.

Before the discography is performed, a system for intravenous infusions is installed. A sedative is administered. You are conscious the entire procedure.

If necessary, a drug is administered to prevent nausea and vomiting, as well as an antibiotic to prevent infectious complications.

Next, you lie down on a special table of the x-ray machine. Monitored equipment is connected to monitor the heart.

The needle insertion area is treated with an antiseptic and anesthetized with a local anesthetic. Then a needle is inserted into the intervertebral disc under the control of radioscopy. As soon as the needle is in the center of the disk, the x-ray contrast agent is inserted and the needle is removed.

During the procedure, the doctor may ask you to describe how you feel.

Discography can be performed, if necessary, with other intervertebral discs. At the end of the procedure, the system for intravenous infusions is removed.

A CT scan may also be performed after the discography spine. Detection of x-ray contrast material outside the intervertebral disc may indicate the presence of a violation of integrity in the fibrous ring of the disc.

After the discography spine, you go to the ward for observation for 30-60 minutes.

The discography takes from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the level of the intervertebral disc and the number of discs examined.

In the patient's discography, you will feel a small prick when you insert a needle into a vein and inject an anesthetic. During the procedure, you must remain motionless.

You may feel some heat when you inject a radiopaque substance.

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