Treatment Neck pain

Treatment Neck pain



Our neck has seven vertebrae, a lot of muscles and nerves. It is not only remarkably flexible but also manages to carry heavy weight daily – our head. The modern life is a nightmare for our neck. Constant usage of smartphones, laptops and computers make our head move forward a bit. Thus, it causes the increase of weight and extra tension on the muscles and nerves. We often underestimate the role of a healthy neck for our well-being, and frequently don’t pay attention to the warning signals like neck pain and discomfort. Such signs require the treatment of an orthopedic neck surgeon or chiropractor.



What are the causes of neck pain?

 As we already mentioned the head weight is carried by your neck. So it is prone to neck injuries that can lead to pain and restrain the proper movement.  The causes of neck pain include:

  • diseases (meningitis, arthritis, cancer, etc.)
  • nerve compression (the disks or bone spurs pressing on the nerves)
  • strains ( due to wrong move, uncomfortable sleeping pose or overuse in general
  • worn joints ( due to age and overuse as well)

How do I prevent neck pain?

In order to prevent the need of a neck surgery you can take following preventative measures:

  • choose a good quality pillow for sleeping. There are special pillows now that make your head and neck stay in the right position all over the night;
  • put your monitor/tablet at the eye level;
  • remember about correct posture;
  • take breaks every hour during the day and do some warm-up exercises;
  • quit smoking;
  • avoid placing the phone between your shoulder and head;

These suggestions minimize the risks of having any neck problems.

Neck pain treatment

Neck treatment, of course, depends on the condition.  Our neck care specialist in Orlando (Florida) will examine you and prescribe the according medications and therapy. Orlando Orthopedic Center offers such methods as:

  • applications of heat/cold;
  • soft-collar traction;
  • physiotherapy ( massage, ultrasound and special exercises)
  • cortisone/anesthetics injections;
  • muscle relaxants;
  • Chiropractic care;
  • surgeries (when the case requires).

We are ready to provide our professional help and services for any condition. Neck treatment in Orlando, FL is provided at the highest level by our medical center. Touch of Health, the orthopedic center near you, is one of the best and well-known clinics with highly-qualified orthopedic neck surgeons and chiropractors. Chiropractic care in Orlando is one of the most effective treatments sudden or chronic neck pain.