7 benefits of chiropractic care for treatment

Very often we are faced with painful symptoms in the joints, back pain or head and do not pay attention to such Minor aches and pains. Without proper treatment, this is the first cause of the development of pathology and dysfunction of the body, which in turn entails sad consequences. To approach this problem, there is a very accurate and equally effective treatment method called chiropractic. So, in this article you will learn more about this term and find out what 7 advantages exist in the field of this treatment.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that have disorders in the joints, the location of the back, and the effects of this on the nervous system.

What are the 7 benefits of chiropractic that will help you regain your health?

1. Treatment of sciatica

For comparison: chiropractic and other medical procedures are completely different things, but the uniqueness of the first is that this method is more conservative and requires special training, so its use is practiced only by medical masters, which increases the positive statistics, because the correction of manual therapy leads in 95% of cases to success in the treatment of symptoms of sciatica.

2. Treatment of neck and lower back pain

Chiropractic correction, as shown by clinical outcome measurements, contributes to faster patient recovery than traditional treatments, including physical therapy. It is worth noting that the costs in this case do not exceed the cost of physical therapy or General practice care.

3. Treatment of headache

In fact, the pain in the head is the most unpleasant sensation only because it is second only to back pain, because headaches are tension, spasms and migraines. A study in the field of guided chiropractors found an overall rate of 22% among people who completed a chiropractic course. Their number of seizures decreased by 95%. Unlike most procedures, chiropractic is unique in that it does not require the intervention of long-term medication or other long-term treatments.

4. Treatment of colic and ear infections in children

The location of nerves in the intestines and brain, have a very high sensitivity to neurological damage, directly related to dislocations of the vertebrae. When you reduce the pressure on the nerves by rearranging the position of the spine, the intestinal connection improves. This is true for both children and adults.

Research, which includes about 26 articles on medical topics, finds that chiropractic adjustments have greatly helped reduce the symptoms of colic and restore a full-fledged mood.

5. Neurological conditions

Thanks to modern technology, the MRI machine now has this function, which can show us changes in the upper part of the neck, potentially affecting various brain States. MRI not only shows that cerebrospinal fluid and blood flow increase markedly after chiropractic correction, but also reverse cerebellar invagination occurs and the brain is formed.

6. Treatment of blood pressure

One day in 2007, a world expert in the field of hypertension, George Bakris, published a study in a medical journal, showing that one chiropractic correction in the upper part of the cervix has the same effect as several drugs that reduce blood pressure. It is phenomenal that the effect of just one adjustment lasted for six months or more.

7. Surgical prevention

In fact, in many cases, chiropractic is most often used as a natural treatment method before surgery. A journal of the American medical Association published recommendations for lower back pain, which suggested that people suffering from back pain should try chiropractic before resorting to surgery.

So, in this way we can understand that chiropractic is not an outdated method of treatment, but rather a unique and effective one. We will be happy to welcome you to our Touch of Health center in Orlando (Florida) and restore your health as soon as possible, providing all the necessary recommendations and accompanying you throughout the course of treatment.

Written by Touch of Health Posted on January 7, 2022