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    What is a Callus?

    Callus is a local coarsening of the skin that is of a white, yellowish or grayish tint. This is not only an aesthetic defect, but also a source of constant pain and other unpleasant sensations. In fact, callus on feet is a kind of a reaction of the skin to mechanical stress. It occurs in the area that suffers the most from this impact. Most often, such formations are observed on the legs (feet, toes) and arms, and less frequently in the other zones of the body. Calluses appear in the stratum corneum (the topmost layer of the skin), but if you do not take any measures and treatment in Orlando, complications can occur that spread to other layers of the foot.

    Causes and Symptoms of Callus

    Our foot skin is not afraid of external irritants. And thanks to the regular reproduction of cells, it is able to quickly regenerate (old cells are rejected, new ones appear in their place).

    However, with prolonged mechanical and excessive sensitisation, the coarsening process of the foot skin is observed and calluses appear. In many cases, it is due to the lasting abrasion on the feet and hands. But calluses are also often observed on the elbows, tongue, gums, and even in such unusual places as the male penis, female labia, nipples and areas of the skin under the nails.

    Depending on the anatomy of the tissues, calluses are divided into:

    • dry – the usual coarsening of the foot skin, without the presence of a cavity;
    • watery – rubbed skin forms a cavity in which there is a colorless, watery, odorless liquid;
    • blood – the same cavity, only with blood content;
    • calluses with a core are the same dry ones in which, due to constant irritation, a thickening in the tissues has formed.

    Treatment Of Callus

    Treatment can be conservative or surgical. Traditional callus treatment involves the application of special patches, liquids or ointments that soften the skin and help gradually “dissolve” the callus. The use of antibacterial and/or antiviral drugs may additionally be required in callus treatment. In more difficult cases, the callus may be removed with liquid nitrogen, by drilling with a special apparatus or laser in the foot. In our Orlando clinic, laser removal is especially in demand as callus treatment. The calluses on feet evaporate or turn into a clot, which is then removed under the influence of laser beams. In some cases, radio wave treatment rather than laser radiation is used.

    In the medical center “Touch of Health”, surgical operation is performed when it is impossible to remove the calluses with the rod by conservative or physiotherapeutic treatment techniques, or a septicaemia has penetrated into the walls of the soft callus. It is excised with a scalpel, removing the keratinized parts of the foot skin, and then the wound is treated.

    Prevention Of Callus

    To avoid such issues, one has to take care of the feet:

    • wear high-quality footwear;
    • observe foot hygiene;
    • treat feet with a moisturizer every evening;
    • use treatment for fresh calluses at once;
    • do a pedicure once a week.
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    Medically reviewed by Michael Thomas Posted on April 8, 2021

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