Achilles Tendon Repair

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    The Achilles tendon is one the most used ones as it is involved in the daily movements. However, at the same time, the Achilles tendon is prone to accumulating microtraumas. Thus, such malfunctions can lead to many problems including weakening of the tendon structure. Initially, the process of fiber destruction may be asymptomatic and lead to tendon trauma without any preceding signs of disease.

    In practice, a sports physician often deals with the cases of soreness in the Achilles tendon. It is worth nothing that the Achilles tendon aching is often incorrectly treated with steroid injections. The malfunction may cause aching in the foot and above. 

    Symptoms for an Injured Achilles Tendon

    The most widely spread signs of an Achilles tendon trauma are:

    • Aching in the foot;
    • Sharp aching after exercise;
    • Calcaneal spur;
    • Puffiness of the Achilles tendon, which may persist.

     If you there is a crackling sound in the shin or foot, it could signify a traumatized Achilles tendon. In such a situation, it is necessary to turn to a medical professional in Orlando to diagnose and initiate certain treatments. The condition requires the specific individual treatments program – surgery or conservative tendon repair.

    Achilles Tendon Repair

    Sometimes aching and discomfort is a reaction of the Achilles tendon to physical exertion, and in order to relieve symptoms, it is enough to apply an elastic patch on the feet. If there is redness, put ice on the inflamed area. However, when the procedures do not help, tendon repair may be required in this case. The medical center “Touch of Health” will find the cause of pain, diagnose and decide on the most effective treatment.

    The essence of tendon repair is the complete immobilization of the lower leg and foot. While fixing the feet, it is necessary to achieve an elongated toe, which will allow the torn fibers to slowly grow together. Foot immobilization lasts on average 6-8 weeks and is carried out using the following:

    • splint overlay;
    • the imposition of sports tapes;
    • fixation with orthoses, which can be night or round-the-clock;
    • plastering, sometimes polymer;
    • the imposition of an elastic bandage on the feet;
    • prescribing auxiliary crutches.

    As a medication for tendon repair, the doctor prescribes analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and vitamin complexes. Massage and physiotherapy can also be prescribed for the Achilles tendon.

    When Achilles Tendon Surgery is Necessary

    If the above-mentioned treatment is not effective, surgery is performed on the Achilles tendon. On many occasions, our Orlando doctors resort to it if the patient has severe damage, in particular, a rupture. Operational tendon repair is carried out in two ways – by stitching or plastic surgery:

    • Stitching. It is used if the gap in the Achilles tendon is fresh, occurring during the last 24 hours.
    • Plastic surgery. Usually our doctors resort to it if long-term traditional treatments have not helped. The operation is quite complex and is aimed at taking a piece of tendon from one part of the lower leg to another. After the performed manipulations, a plaster cast is applied.

    Results of Treatment

    The correct functioning of the Achilles tendon, as well as the foot is restored quickly after surgery in Orlando, and there are no uncomfortable sensations in the feet or aching during any physical activities. Only by combining different techniques of tendon repair, good rehabilitation results can be achieved in our medical center.

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    Medically reviewed by Michael Thomas Posted on April 8, 2021

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