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    Bunion is a disease which provokes acute or chronic inflammation of the bursa cavity with accumulation of exudate in it. Therefore, an increase in the bursa occurs, due to the larger amount of fluid of a purulent or serous type. The bursae are located at the point of pressure on a bone or joint. There are such cavities in the elbows, on the surface of the feet, on the outside of the ankles.

    If you suspect you have bunion of the shoulder joint, elbow, knee or feet, then you should immediately make an appointment with a doctor in Orlando and start bunion treatment. You can get a consultation, diagnostics, treatment and surgery in our medical center “Touch of Health”.

    Causes and Symptoms of bunion

    Bunion occurs for the following reasons:

    • infection;
    • allergy;
    • sports and domestic injuries (very common in the foot);
    • work or sports activities which involve high stress on the foot, elbows, knees and shoulders.

    The reasons can be hidden in other diseases, during which there is an increase in pathogenic microorganisms. To get effective treatment for bunions, you must first find out the true causes of it.

    The risk of developing foot, ankle, shoulder bunion increases if the vulnerability is constantly stressed. For instance, the feet are most commonly affected in everyday life.

    We recommend that you make an appointment immediately if you experience:

    • bunion pain when walking or at rest;
    • swelling (feet, ankles, etc.);
    • chills and fever;
    • limitation of mobility in the foot and other body parts.

    Remember that the treatment of bunion pain is a long process that requires an integrated approach. We do not recommend using the advice of other patients from forums, since in each case (whether it is a malfunction in the foot, shoulder, ankle, etc.) the treatment is different, and can include bunion surgery. It depends on the type of the malfunction, the stage of its development in the foot and concomitant chronic diseases. 

    Treatment of bunion

    For bunion treatment, an integrated approach is required using:

    • compresses;
    • antibiotic therapy;
    • pumping out the accumulated effusion;
    • corticosteroids.

    When the disease has acquired a neglected form, the treatment from surgeons is strongly recommended. The bunion operation is reduced to the excision of the bursa. Bunion surgery is performed by our experienced surgeons on a planned basis under conditions of absolute sterility. In most cases, healing after surgery occurs within 10 days. After treatment, the patient can begin to gradually return to his usual life without bunion pain and discomfort in the foot. During the rehabilitation period following bunion treatment, it is recommended to refrain from physical activity, visiting the pool, sauna, drinking alcohol and smoking.

    In Orlando, we have the latest imported equipment for bunion surgery, which guarantees the accuracy of diagnostic studies and reduces bunion pain. All research is carried out quickly, efficiently and professionally. This allows identifying the bunion in time and starting treatment. 

    Written by Touch of Health
    Medically reviewed by Michael Thomas Posted on April 8, 2021

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