Tendon Ruptures

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    The tendon is a formation of mucous membrane which provides its extension to the bones. Tendon ruptures happen quite frequently in everyday life. They are often characterized by the separation of the adjacent bone. The cause of the tendon ruptures is its excessive prolongation by the convulsively contracted muscle. But sometimes, direct injury impact tendon ruptures to the great extent and requires immediate treatment.

    You can call our Orlando Medical Center “Touch of Health” in case of any kind of tendon ruptures. Our professionals will make every effort to ensure that the treatment goes as efficient as possible, and you can resume your normal life again.

    Causes of Tendon Ruptures

    Such factors can impact the tendon condition:

    • Impingement syndrome;
    • injury to the rotator cuff;
    • Chronic irritation (e.g., chronic ulnar bursitis);
    • Forcible extension of the elbow in a flexion and supination position;
    • Disruption of the physiological mechanisms of regeneration due to the use of medicaments.

    Symptoms of Tendon Ruptures

    The symptomatology of the tendon ruptures, besides pain, directly depends on the tendon itself and the stage of malfunction. So, the signs of Achilles tendon rupture, for instance, can be expressed in mild pain and slight puffiness of the ankle at the 1st degree or in persistent pain and puffiness of the joint.

    As a matter of fact, the signs of tendon ruptures may be the following:

    • Displacement of the muscle abdomen;
    • Defect in the tissues;
    • Loss of regular functioning;
    • reduced mobility.

    Treatment of Tendon Ruptures

    Medical care for tendon ruptures is determined by which tendon is damaged. So, for instance, picking the suture is a widely spread treatment of traumas to tendons. Operational treatment in this case is aimed at restoring the tendon bed, which eliminates the possibility of the scar formation. In addition, the injured limb is immobilized with a plaster cast, antibiotics and analgesics are prescribed for pain.

    With Achilles tendon rupture happening, it is possible to prescribe treatment which involves wearing a plaster cast for 6 weeks. If this does not give the desired result, Achilles tendon surgery is prescribed, which is aimed at connecting the ends of the tendon by suturing. If the injury is old, our Orlando medical professionals resort to the treatment using a graft for Achilles tendon rupture. In addition, analgesics are prescribed to get rid of Achilles tendon rupture.

    Anti-inflammatory drugs can be applied for tendon ruptures. They can also provide pain relief during the severe stage of the injury, when tendons are stressed or partially destroyed. Furthermore, both in traditional treatment, as well as following Achilles tendon rupture surgery, fixation with orthoses is prescribed in a high number of cases.  It is also possible to use physiotherapy procedures in case of various pathologies, e.g. Achilles tendon rupture.

    With the high expertise and multiple years of practice, the specialists of our center are ready to treat any condition and help to make the life of the patients better.

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    Medically reviewed by Michael Thomas Posted on March 25, 2021

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