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According to statistics, back injuries account up to 12% patients of the mature age. Of course, there are cases when children get back disorders, however those are mostly classified as a birth injuries. Back malfunctions may cause serious disruption to the musculoskeletal functioning. If there are lesions of the spinal column, 50% of injured get a disability. With a spinal cord injury disability occurs even more often - in 80-90% of cases. This can happen due to the incorrectly provided first aid of back injury pain.

Causes of Back Injuries

Back injuries requiring treatment occur due to the:

  • collapse of heavy objects from above;
  • falls from a height;
  • road traffic accidents;
  • excessive labor.

It is worth noting the different nature of the problems that arise with the back. So in case of adults the injuries happen due to the influence of the external force, however with children, the trauma occurs due do an intense or sharp stretching of the spinal cord.

Symptoms of Injuries

The main signs of back traumas include:

  • pain;
  • edema;
  • breathing difficulties;
  • heart problems;
  • possible paralysis of the limbs
  • weakening of sensitivity;
  • reduced muscle strength.

The examination results show that chronic back pain is often the result of spinal injuries even after successful recovery.

Treatments of Back Injuries

Doctors of back follow a special rule after the back injury – it is the correct transportation of the patient. In most cases he can’t be moved while sitting. In case of severe conditions surgical intervention may be required, especially when the specialists indicate a gradual compression of the spine. To relieve the pain strong painkillers are prescribed according to the evaluation of the medical staff.

Nonsurgical Treatment

In the medical clinic Touch of Health after a full-body examination specialists use unique techniques for non-surgical back injury treatment:

  • VTFS (interstitial electrical stimulation);
  • USHT (wave shock therapy);
  • kinesiotherapy;
  • computer traction of the spine with the special equipment;
  • ultrasound of joints.

Surgical Treatment

The professionals in the medical center near you in Orlando perform the following back injury surgeries:

  • endoscopic nucleoplasty;
  • transcutaneous discectomy with the Disc-FX System;
  • minimally invasive or endoscopic spine surgery.

After Surgery

In order to get good results and to minimize the risk of complications, the patient needs to follow the specialist’s recommendations after he leaves the operating table and the hospital. In the postoperative period everything is important in the treatment: physical activity, healthy diet, amount of consumed water as well as physical therapy and special procedures.




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