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Chest injury



Chest injuries belong to one of the most frequent and dangerous types of injuries. Unfortunately, the statistics say that in the USA 25% of annual fatal outcomes occur due to chest traumas and also these injuries affect significantly the outcome of 25-50% of casualties. There are several vital organs located in our chest such as the heart, lungs and esophagus. So when the chest injury happens, it impacts severely two very important body system functions – breathing and blood circulation. As a result, our organs can’t work properly and it also causes metabolism disorder. However, a high percent of patients with the chest trauma can be saved by being treated immediately and adequately.

Causes and of Chest Injuries

What causes such injuries is a blunt force, penetrating trauma, blast or inhalation trauma. To be more specific, they are often seen in:

  • car accidents,
  • blast injuries,
  • heavy blows to the chest,
  • falls from heights,
  • chest compression injuries,
  • stab or gunshot wounds.
  • inhalation of fumes, gases, dusts.

The specialists of our medical clinic are ready to provide chest injury treatment in any of these cases.

Symptoms of Injuries

Of course, the symptoms depend on the specific type of the injury. Commonly, the injured area is quite tender and painful. There may be bruises on the chest itself. A person can experience a shortage of breath and feel confused meaning he is in shock. In the severe cases the skin may be of a blue color, sweaty or cold. The lungs don’t function well and as a result it becomes extremely hard to breath. Other symptoms may include low blood pressure, coughing up blood, flail chest, puncture wound, crunching sounds when palpating the rib cage.

Treatments of Chest Injuries

When treating a patient with any kind of a chest trauma our professionals act fast and efficiently. First, a patient gets examination by our chest doctor and then according to the diagnosis and evaluation report we choose a right treatment. Our medical centre in Orlando (Florida) offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments depending on the severity of the injury.

Non-surgical Treatment

The medical team will do everything necessary to support breathing and blood circulation. A patient may be given oxygen and blood transfusion or intravenous fluids.  But for example, in a case of a fractured rib, we do not intervene surgically as it will heal on its own.  At the same time we advise our patients to breathe deeply at the regular intervals of time to prevent pneumonia or any kind of a chest infection. We also do MRI and X-ray to be sure not to miss anything essential in the diagnostics and further treatment. To reduce chest injury pain we prescribe suitable painkillers.

Surgical Treatment

If the injury is more severe the clinic Touch of Health is ready to perform the following chest injury surgeries:

  • VATS surgery, a minimally invasive video-assisted procedure using several small incisions;
  • tracheostomy, a hollow tube is inserted in the surgically created hole in the neck leading to trachea;
  • tube thoracostomy, a plastic tube is inserted in the space around the lung to prevent the total lung failure;
  • pericardial window, to drain the excessive fluid around the heart;
  • thoracotomy, where the surgeon fully opens the chest wall to get a full access to the heart, diaphragm, aorta and throat.

After Surgery

For a proper chest injury recovery a patient has to stay in the hospital from 5-7 days. He will be looked after by our highly-qualified nurses and doctors. They will come up with different solutions to help the patient to recover as soon as possible. There will be special strengthening and breathing exercises. The examination will be made frequently to check the progress of our patient.

Touch of Health, the medical centre near you, offers professional diagnostics and treatment. Our clinic has the latest equipment and our doctors are here to help you.



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