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    In most cases, hand pain occurs due to injury or illness. 

    Fractures, sprains, and dislocations are the most common types of damages from mechanical action and physical loads. There also may be inflammations that occur against the background of previous injuries, hormonal disorders, excessive joint tension and infections. For example, tendovaginitis, styloiditis, synovitis, arthritis, arthrosis, hygroma.

    The first sign of pathology development is severe pain. If there is no hurting the skin surface and bones, painful symptoms disappear quickly with proper treatment. However, in difficult cases there is qualified medical assistance is necessary. When it comes to Hand injury treatment, you have to rush. Otherwise, you are unable to hold even the spoon while eating.

    Hand and Wrist injury

    Causes injuries

    The Hand injury or trauma can be of varying severity: damages of soft tissues, ligaments, joint, dislocation or fracture. The most frequent reasons are:

    • falling on the outstretched hand
    • mechanical damage and impact with a heavy object
    • pinching of the hand by the door leaves
    • traumas related to sports training
    • work injury
    • chronic joint diseases
    • fight


    Each type of injury differs in general and specific symptoms, upon examination of which the professionals makes a conclusion and diagnosis. The main signs of pathology:

    • joint pains of varying intensity and localization
    • edema and swelling of the injured area
    • changing the look of the hand 
    • skin redness in the damaged area
    • hematoma around the injury
    • joint contracture (severe limitation of the joint mobility)
    • fever, weakness, malaise, chills
    • emergence of cones (when there is hygroma)

    Wrist and Hand injury treatment

    Wrist and Hand injury treatment

    The damage severity of the hand and wrist will be accurately diagnosed at the Medical Center near you, Orlando, Florida, where experienced doctors of Hand conduct the appointment. After a visual examination, the patient is referred for X-ray, which in most cases gives a comprehensive result. If it needs to evaluate the soft tissues, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is performed. These tests are necessary for Hand injury surgery when there is indicated hand or wrist emergent treatment  

    Conservative and surgical treatment

    Treatment depends on disease severity. Based on analyzes and examinations, the specialist considers two possible treatment solutions – conservative and surgical. Conservative cure provides the restoration of the damaged joint and hand with the drugs, injections, cold compresses, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise.

    Surgery indicated for the following cases:

    • torn ligament 
    • tendons damage 
    • joint(s) dislocation 
    • hygroma
    • tunnel syndrome
    • fractures of varying degrees of severity.
    • malunion the bones after a fracture
    • Dupuytren’s contracture (palmar fibromatosis)
    • Knott’s disease

    The sooner you’ll visit the doctors of Wrist and orthopedic surgeons, the faster your hand will recover.

    Conservative and surgical treatment

    After surgery

    Hand injury recovery takes some period. 2 days after the surgical operation, you need to start passive exercises in manual motility. Simple exercises will help you gradually to restore hand function. Rehabilitation can take up to 2 months after surgery. All this time you need to walk in a plaster cast or splint, following the surgeon’s recommendations. After removing the plaster, you should start active motions hand but very carefully. If you’ll neglect these exercises, the tendon will fuse with the surrounding tissues and reoperation may be necessary.

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    Medically reviewed by Roger Walker Posted on February 4, 2021

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