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    The most flexible joint in the human musculoskeletal system is the shoulder joint. It is a ball-shaped joint that provides a variety of movements in three planes. Thanks to this structure, we can obtain a relatively wide range of motion. Thus, we can perform a variety of activities: pick up a child, throw a ball, swim, and much more. Although the joint is very mobile, its stability is low. It leads to more frequent shoulder injuries. It is not worth thinking that only athletes have these injuries – people from other professions are also prone to shoulder injuries. At-risk are people whose duties include lifting and carrying loads, lovers of fast driving, children, and the elderly. Below we go over the basic facts about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of shoulder injuries.

    Shoulder injury

    About Shoulder injury

    The reason for the high joint injury lies in the peculiarities of its structure. The head of the humerus is much larger than the glenoid cavity. Since the joint is very mobile, the ligaments do not strengthen it firmly. Thus, excessive movement can result in a fracture, ligament rupture, or release of the humerus head from its socket.

    The principal causes of these damages are the improper performance of strength exercises, blows, lifting weights, age-related degenerative changes.

    A severe blow can cause a fracture or dislocation. Most often, the fracture occurs in the neck of the humerus. When falling, a person reflexively extends his arm – this can prevent damage to the head, but due to such a landing, a dislocation occurs. The mechanism is the exit of the head of the humerus from the glenoid cavity. It is forbidden to correct the dislocation yourself, or with the help of other people – it must be done by a qualified specialist!

    On examination, the doctor may reveal:

    • the sharp pain of shoulder injury;
    • visible deformation;
    • increasing edema;
    • hematoma as a result of bleeding into soft tissues;
    • limitation of mobility;
    • paleness and numbness of the distal arm.

    Based on the results of the patient’s examination, medical history, and the evaluation of clinical data, the doctor of the shoulder chooses the appropriate treatment method.

    If the situation is not complicated, doctors treat it conservatively. They use the imposition of plaster, physiotherapy, and rest of the injured limb.

    Severe ruptures of the ligamentous apparatus, fractures with displacement, complicated shoulder dislocations require surgery for shoulder injuries. The most radical method is joint replacement. Recovery from a shoulder injury includes physical therapy and massage.

    The professionals at the Medical Center in Orlando (Florida) offer optimal solutions for patients with a variety of shoulder injuries. A medical center near you will take care of the health of your joints.

    Written by Touch of Health Posted on February 5, 2021

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