Arthritis of the Knee

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    Knee arthritis is triggered by an infection and also immunity or metabolism disorders. Being the biggest joint of support the knee is subjected to severe stress and tension throughout the life. In this regard, gonarthritis accounts for 35-50% of articular inflammations in the various areas. The disease can happen at any age but it is more often diagnosed in people who are over 40. At the earliest signs of the pathology you have to contact the doctor for the treatment of knee arthritis immediately. Medical clinic Touch of Health provides highly-qualified medical care for knee pain.

    Arthritis of the Knee

    How to understand that you have knee arthritis

    In addition to soreness there are other signs of the malfunction:

    • strong fever;
    • discomfort;
    • puffiness of soft tissues;
    • joint dysfunctions;
    • reduced mobility.

    Treatment of knee arthritis

    The medical center Touch of Health near you in Orlando offers drug therapy for knee pain which is carried out with NSAIDs, antibacterial agents, chondro protectants, local and general anesthetics. Knee arthritis treatment also includes physiotherapy and special exercises. Touch of Health has many years of experience in this field and its professional help is guaranteed.

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    Complete a full Knee examination at our center and get a prognosis for your recovery. 
    Usually, the treatment / restoration of the “Knee” in our center  takes less time, since our specialists help to recover much faster

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