Arthritis of the Spine

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Millions of people all over the world suffer from spinal arthritis which is a back joint disease. The causes of back pathology can be different – infection or immune malfunctioning. Whatever factor influenced the development of the disease, the lack of medical care can lead disability. Arthritis of the back is a systemic inflammatory process that affects not only the joints but also the internal organs. People have to live and work constantly struggling with spine pain. To avoid severe consequences we strongly advise to forego a regular check-up in the medical center near you. The sooner you can prevent the rapid worsening of the diseases with the help of according treatment the better.

How to understand that you have arthritis of the spine

In order to understand what spinal arthritis is we have to know the structure of the joints. They consist of connected skeletal bones between which there is a gap. From above it is covered by the articular bag (synovium). When the disease develops the synovial membrane is the one that suffers first, therefore, the blood and lymph vessels concentrated in it, as well as the nerve endings. Due to this malfunction the natural production of other essential nutrients are reduced. This disease is accompanied by joint pain caused by inflammation of their tissues. Arthritic of the spine can be acute or chronic.

The main symptoms of arthritis of the back include:

  • Swelling, severe sensitivity and soreness;
  • Aching or sharp back pain;
  • Reduced joint mobility;
  • Stiffness.

In inflammatory processes the temperature often rises, sweating, chills, weight loss, weakness and headache appear. This means you require spinal arthritis treatment immediately.

Treatment of arthritis

Modern medical clinics apply a wide range of methods of back arthritis treatment including the use of medications, physiotherapy and exercise therapy. Medical treatment consists in the following:

  • Non-steroidal inflammatory drugs, they are used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Steroids – hormone injections into the joint are prescribed in case of severe back pain that is untreatable by NSAIDs.
  • Anti-inflammatory drug therapy which helps only to relieve symptoms and slow down the progression but doesn’t cleanse dead cells from the joints.
  • Exercise therapy. It is recognized as one of the most effective methods. Under the guidance of doctors for the treatment of spinal arthritis individual training programs are held. Therapeutic exercises, swimming and aerobic training are very useful. They help to increase blood circulation, improve joint mobility and stimulate the tissue repair and removal of old cells.

Is surgical treatment required?

The doctor selects therapeutic measures for each patient with arthritis of the spine individually, taking into account the diagnosis, the stage of condition, the patient’s age, his activity and the presence of other diseases. They are aimed at relieving inflammation, eliminating pain, restoring blood flow and improving tissue nutrition.

If conservative therapy proves to be ineffective, which happens in severe complications of, the spine surgeon will recommend surgical intervention. The medical center Touch of Health in Orlando, Florida prefers minimally invasive treatment of spine arthritis. They minimize traumatic consequences, promote rapid rehabilitation and minimize the risk of postoperative problems.

If you suspect you have arthritis of the back don’t postpone the diagnostics and medical care. In the clinic Touch of Health the many years of experience of spine surgeons combined with extensive knowledge allows you choose the optimal treatment that will ensure a quick recovery.