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    With the help of the shoulder MRI in Orlando, it is possible to establish with maximum accuracy the slightest deviations in the structure of soft and bone tissues, as well as to determine various kinds of pathologies, inflammatory processes and traumas. Comparing classic radiographic scan and shoulder MRI with contrast it is worth saying that the latter option is much more informative and absolutely safe. In addition, unlike X-rays, the images obtained show a layer-by-layer image of all the tissues that surround the shoulder joints. Using MRI scan shoulder, the doctor is able not only to take a picture in one projection, but also to recreate a volumetric model of the examined area. Thus, it is possible to control the course of treatment and detect the following diseases:

    • Osteoporosis;
    • Neoplasm;
    • Abnormal fluids – bleeding, accumulation of pus;
    • Change of the shape of the joint.

    Why a Shoulder MRI Scan is Performed

    Shoulder MRI without contrast is most often required for initial diagnostics to establish the origin of the pathological process. The reason for contacting a doctor in the diagnostic imaging center and carrying out an upper bicep MRI may be:

    • Sharp, severe shoulder pain;
    • Chronic aching;
    • Crunch in the arm;
    • Limitation of mobility.

    Bicep MRI allows identifying a different number of malfunctions: dislocation, damage to muscles, as well as fractures. It is also widely used for evaluating the sports injuries.

    How Tricep MRI Scan is Performed

    In most cases, preparation for a diagnostic imaging shoulder in Orlando is not required. You just need to make sure that there are no metal objects either on you or in your body.  Preparation is necessary only in cases when the patient cannot lie still for 30-40 minutes. For example, if he has severe pain in the spine or the person is afraid of confined space. In this case, intravenous sedation is performed, and the scan takes place during sleep.

    In the diagnostic imaging center in Orlando, which is near you, the whole scanning process takes about half an hour. The examination is absolutely painless and does not cause any discomfort.

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    Written by Touch of Health Posted on April 15, 2021

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