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    MRI head in Orlando is a well-known examination technique based on the action of a powerful magnetic field and radio frequencies that examine the human body. In the context of modern medical practice, MRI of the head is often the only way to timely detect diseases of complex head areas, in particular, the brain. MRI skull is used to identify the following malfunctions of the human body:

    • Neoplasms and the presence of oncological processes;
    • Underdevelopment of the brain;
    • Vascular damage and vascular pathology;
    • Stroke;
    • Eye and ear conditions;
    • Traumatic brain injury;
    • Chronic nervous disorders;
    • Damage to brain tissues;

    Thanks to MRI head scan and MRI head with contrast, many patients were able to timely determine an imperceptible disease and start the necessary treatment in the diagnostic imaging center which is near you.

    Diagnosing head

    Diagnosing head is a complex process, since it is impossible to visually identify pathologies. Many of them also cause radioactive effects on the human, so they cannot be done more frequently than only once per year. MRI skull scan is the most effective and safe way to diagnose any malfunctions in the brain. Modern and first-class equipment of MRI brain vessels makes it possible to detect a number of neurological disorders, as well as malignant neoplastic formations, even in the early stage of development.

    However, before undergoing an MRI skull in Orlando, the patient needs to consult a doctor. The reason for MRI face may be:

    • Frequent headaches, the nature of which could not be established by alternative research methods;
    • Repeated episodes of dizziness and weakness for no apparent reasons;
    • Seizures and fainting.

    If you have at least one of the above conditions, a detailed scanning of the head on an MRI will help to identify their cause. Also, MRI head in Orlando can be combined with other examination methods in order to receive a more precise clinical picture.

    Types of MRI of the head include the following:

    • MRI eyes;
    • MRI ears:
    • MRI paranasal sinuses;
    • MRI nose.

    How Should I Prepare?

    First of all, it is necessary to inform the doctor about the presence of any implants, because it is impossible to undergo MRI scan head with some of them, despite the indications. The doctor should also be warned if the patient is claustrophobic (fear of close space). The patient’s primary care physician may be able to prescribe a medication to relax the patient during the study. Such medication will be taken right before the study begins and the Technologist will advice the patient when to take the medication. . Before head MRI with contrast, the patient can take any medications according to his normal routine. 

    How is the Procedure Performed?

    During the MRI head without contrast or  MRI with contrast, one stays on an MRI table. It is very important to keep still, as even slight movement can reduce the quality of the resulting images. The diagnostic imaging head is painless but produces a lot of noise. The staff will constantly monitor the patient’s condition and maintain contact with him via an intercom. MRI head is harmless to humans, meaning that the patient can have someone for support with him in the same room during MRI.

    Written by Touch of Health Posted on March 17, 2021

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