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    Breast MRI is a non-invasive, completely painless examination which does not cause any discomfort to the patient. It helps doctors to establish the correct diagnosis and to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment of various breast diseases. This type of body scan is a highly sensitive diagnostic method that does not affect a person with X-rays. With the help of magnetic resonance imaging, information is obtained about the condition of the chest, regardless of the organ structure. Also, breast MRI is used to confirm a suspected nodulefrom ultrasound or standard mammography. In the diagnostic imaging centeфr Touch of Health, breast MRI with contrast is performed by experienced diagnostic doctors that completed training in leading medical institutions. And our modern equipment used for the scan meets international quality standards.

    MRI Breast

    How does a Breast MRI Work?

    All metal objects and jewelry must be removed prior to the procedure. The patient changes into a removable gown, shoe covers and a hat. Such MRI is performed when the patient is in a prone position. It is important to maintain immobility to obtain high-quality images. If it is necessary to use a contrast agent, it is injected into a vein immediately before the diagnostic imaging breast in Orlando.

    What are the Reasons for Breast MRI?

    Breast MRI in Orlando is prescribed due to the following:

    • to determine the density of tissues;
    • the presence of hematomas and cysts in the chest;
    • dilated milk ducts;
    • abnormal growths in the chest;
    • identification of enlarged lymph nodes;
    • determining the extent of the spread of cancer;
    • assessment of connective tissue scars after surgery;
    • breast diagnostics of patients with implants.
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