MRI foot and ankle

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    MRI of foot in Orlando is one of the most accurate and promising methods of modern medical diagnostics in orthopedics. MRI is indispensable in the diagnosis of traumatic injuries, degenerative, inflammatory and tumor diseases of the joints, as well as surrounding soft tissues. This is the only non-invasive method for visualizing the soft tissue components of the joint: tendons, ligaments, menisci, cartilage and periarticular bursae. MRI of foot allows building a three-dimensional reconstruction of the foot and ankle, highlighting the vasculature, nerve trunks and vessels passing in the projection of the damaged joint. In terms of sensitivity and quality of tissue visualization, lower leg MRI is superior to ultrasound diagnostics, allowing a much more accurate distinction between healthy and diseased tissue.

    MRI foot and ankle

    When MRI Scan Ankle is Required

    The indications for the procedure in the diagnostic imaging center are the following:

    • Suspected contusion injuries of bones, subluxations, injuries of tendons, ligaments and cartilage;
    • Sports injuries of the foot and ankle;
    • Fractures, pseudoarthrosis;
    • Suspicion of osteomyelitis, aseptic necrosis;
    • Arthritis, 
    • Tendinitis, tendinosis;
    • Presence of tumors of soft tissues and bones in the joint and foot;
    • Congenital anomalies, including osteochondropathy, pain, swelling, redness in the ankle;
    • Pain when walking;
    • Decreased range of motion in the joint;
    • Preparation for the surgical treatment.

    Preparation for MRI

    MRI of the foot as such does not require any preparation from the patient. One does not have to change his or her usual lifestyle, follow diet or stop taking regular medications. However, it is worth observing a few points:

    • It is necessary to take off all metal objects (prostheses, pendants, chains, telephone, etc.)
    • If there are any foreign objects on the body (implants, for instance), then it is worth informing the doctor about this in advance.
    • If there are any preliminary results of the examination, then the patient has to take them with him and show the radiologist.

    Getting Comfortable & Keeping Still

    The duration of diagnostic imaging foot and ankle in Orlando is from 30 to 45 minutes. It is essential for the patient to keep still, as even the slightest movement can significantly affect the quality of the images. Therefore, the outcome of the diagnostics will be inefficient. In case the patient is anxious or has a fear of confined space, he is allowed to have a close person next to him during the procedure.

    Written by Touch of Health Posted on March 17, 2021

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