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    Knee MRI is an innovative method for determining knee pathologies; it provides reliable data on the anatomical structures of a given body area. Due to the high information content of the data obtained, the speed and safety of the examination, this method is getting more and more popular. MRI scan knee provides specialists with a clear informative picture of the examined area. Even the slightest pathological transformations in the knee joint and surrounding areas are recorded. Thanks to this, doctors make a correct diagnosis and select the most appropriate and effective treatment. MRI is prescribed after examinations in order to clarify the diagnosis. It is also used in doubtful clinical cases, when the symptoms are not very clear and specific, and the results of other examinations are not informative.

    How Should I Prepare?

    Knee MRI in Orlando does not require any manipulations beforehand, therefore, in most cases, it is enough to take care of comfortable clothes for the scan, as well as prepare a package of documents, such as a medical record, a referral from a doctor, previous images and results of other MRI, if they were carried out earlier.

    Examination of the knee joint is best performed on a high-field (closed type) device, since the image quality is better than on low-field devices. 

    When undergoing an MRI, you should take a certain position and stay in it during the entire time of the diagnostics, otherwise its results will be inaccurate. If the examination is required for a child who cannot remain in a static position, then anesthesia is prescribed.

    What are the Risks?

    To date, there is no evidence that the condition of at least one patient has worsened due to MRI. Only a few patients experienced allergic reactions to the  contrast injected during MRI knee right with contrast. However, the risk of developing allergies persists when taking absolutely all drugs, even ordinary vitamins. MRI knee right without contrast can be done as often as the situation requires. Usually, a second procedure is prescribed by a doctor to assess the effectiveness of the treatment performed or to study the state of organs after surgery.


    • MRI right and left knee is a very useful method for diagnosing various malfunctions and pathologies. 
    • It can help determine if operational intervention is required.
    • MRI of knee joints in Orlando can help diagnose a bone fracture when X-rays and other imaging techniques do not show the specific information.
    • It determines malfunctions that might not be visible when using other methods.
    • Diagnostic imaging knee provides a non-invasive alternative to other scanning techniques for diagnosing blood vessel problems.

    Today, this procedure is in great demand. There are many medical indications for MRI diagnostics: from commonplace inflammation to malignant neoplasms. But, in any case, in case of severe aching in the joint area, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor. Statistics show that 70% of diseases of the musculoskeletal system are caused by various injuries of a traumatic, inflammatory or degenerative nature. 

    Written by Touch of Health Posted on June 8, 2021

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