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    You may experience back pain when your spinal discs, the cartilaginous segments cushioning the vertebrae, become deformed and herniated, impinging upon the spinal cord. Whether you struggle with chronic back pain, tingling, numbness or weakness, nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy could be an alternative to consider. A spinal decompression chiropractor uses a motorized traction appliance to gently stretch out the spine, and subject the spinal discs to negative pressure. This can cause herniated discs to retract, ease pressure, and help with the flow of moisture, nutrients, and oxygen, to help with healing.

    Spinal Decompression ​

    How does treatment without surgery work?

    Decompression can be one of the most effective pain relief services offered for chronically painful conditions of the spine.

    At your spinal decompression therapy appointment in Orlando, the doctor installs harnesses on your pelvis and torso. You lie down on a motorized table fully clothed, and, as the doctor fine-tunes your treatment on the appliance’s computer interface, you have your back gently and precisely stretched with computer control. Treatment sessions can last about 30 minutes, and you may need to make over 20 visits over several weeks. After each session, you may receive additional procedures such as ultrasound therapy to warm the tissue and encourage healing, electrical therapy to stimulate certain muscles, and therapy with warm or cold compresses.

    Who can benefit from using a spinal decompression table?

    Decompression therapy of this kind is noninvasive. For this reason, it is well-tolerated by most people experiencing chronic back pain caused by herniated spinal discs. It’s important to remember, however, that the doctor will evaluate you to make sure that this type of treatment isn’t contraindicated in your case – say, by the presence of a fracture, a tumor, osteoporosis, or metal spinal implants. This type of treatment is also not a good idea for patients who are pregnant.

    An appointment with your orthopedist or chiropractor in Orlando (Florida) can help you determine if decompression is right for you.

    Back pain — the solution

    Spinal decompression helps to cope with and eliminate various symptoms of spinal nerve compression. The manifestation of it is a severe pain that does not go away even during rest. The pain can radiate to the pelvis, limbs, trunk, and head. Such varied localization of pain can confuse the physician, leading to the possibility of misdiagnosis.

    The patient may feel muscle weakness when walking, which only gets worse over time. Patients also complain of numbness, tingling sensations in the limbs, feelings similar to electric shocks.

    Effects on the body

    Decompression has a positive effect on the spine. After this procedure, the distance between the vertebrae increases the spinal column experiences less stress than before. With the help of decompression therapy, it becomes possible to heal small herniated intervertebral discs due to increased negative intradiscal pressure. Deep muscles and ligaments of the back are strengthened, muscle tone is normalized. After the procedure, blood circulation in the vessels of the spine and tissue nutrition improves. The nerve decompression procedure removes the damaging effect on the roots and trunks: relieves swelling, eliminates pain, normalizes the innervation of all parts of the spine and internal organs.

    Main advantages and indications

    Spinal decompression is a safe alternative to surgery. The method of treatment is individually dosed and physiological. It is useful in treating any part of the spine: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral. If the doctor correctly diagnosed and prescribed the procedure as indicated, the side effects of decompression should not occur. Spinal decompression therapy has a wide range of indications. The procedure is carried out for protrusions and hernias of intervertebral discs, disco-radicular conflicts, radicular syndrome, osteochondrosis, spondyloarthritis.

    How long is the session

    Nerve decompression lasts for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the state of the disease the time of the next procedure increases. Treatment should be carried out for 5-15 sessions with relatively short breaks between them.

    Do I need back decompression?

    Even though the technique is not invasive and safe, it is not suitable for all patients. Your health care provider will decide whether to prescribe a spinal decompression. The doctor assesses the complex condition of your spine based on  MRI scans.

    What are the risks?

    The procedure of nerve decompression is safe. The traction force is selected individually based on an examination, research data, the level of physical development, weight, age of the patient. The doctor can adjust the traction table to the parameters of the intensity and duration of exposure. During the session, the patient does not feel pain since specific medical computer doses and regulates the level of stress.

    Is it possible to decompress the spine at home?

    In order to maintain long-term spinal health, back exercises must become a routine. You can do spinal decompression at home with simple exercises. You will not need to buy expensive equipment or go to the gym, and you can do your workout on your own or with someone else. You will need a chair with a backrest, a ball, and an exercise mat. However, the patient should not choose workouts on his/her own because not all people require the same loads. Your healthcare provider will select the best exercises for you to suit your fitness and back problems.

    Where can I go for help?

    If you suffer from back pain and need a recommendation on the need for decompression of the spine, you can always make an appointment at the Orlando Medical center “Touch of Health.”

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