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    Kyphosis is when the spinal bend occurs towards the back which requires treatment. The main curves are in the thoracic and sacral areas, neck and lower back. This provides the shock absorption necessary for a full movement of a person. Prolonged loads, traumas, diseases – all this can cause deformation of the spine with a change in the natural shape of the bends, e.g. kyphosis. Thoracic kyphosis occurs as the most frequent condition. In Orlando Medical Center “Touch of Health” the specialist will determine how to correct the violation, diagnose kyphosis and prescribe effective treatment.



    As for children and teenagers, kyphosis can develop due to anomalies, improper posture, Scheuermann-Mau disease. As for adults with kyphosis, the reasons include infections, tumors, poliomyelitis, genetic factors, etc.


    The underlying factor is the stage of kyphosis:

    • 1st degree kyphosis is manifested by fatigue and mild muscle pain, stoop.
    • 2nd degree kyphosis – pain and stoop increase, the head and shoulders go down.
    • 3rd degree kyphosis – limited spinal mobility, dysfunction of the internal organs as they are squeezed by a deformed chest.


    Kyphosis diagnostics starts with interviewing the patient, forming an analysis, identifying the factors that made the disease develop. To determine the degree of kyphosis, X-rays and MRIs may be prescribed as part of the treatment.

    When is it Necessary to Treat Kyphosis?

    Any malfunction of the spine should be taken care of with the earliest signs. If treatment is absent, kyphosis becomes irreversible and over the years it becomes even worse. The patient with kyphosis runs a risk of getting problems in the work of the digestive tract, heart, genitourinary system, musculoskeletal system, etc.


    Operational treatment is used quite rarely, only in hard cases. Conservative methods of kyphosis treatment in Orlando Medical Center “Touch of Health” include medications, special exercises and wearing a corset.

    Result of Treatment

    Physiotherapy procedures and special exercises help to align posture, strengthen the core and stop the progression of kyphosis. The specialists in our center have many years of experience in this area. Based on their practice, they choose the most effective ways of kyphosis treatment.

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    Medically reviewed by Michael Thomas Updated on February 18, 2021

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