Foraminal Narrowing

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    Foraminal stenosis is a dangerous malfunction that makes canalis vertebralis to get narrower in its size. It happens due to the appearance of bone formations at the joints. The disorder is the source of the pain syndrome and a lot of other unpleasant sensations. Thus, over time, a person starts suffering so much, that they are not able anymore to lead previously active lifestyle. Foraminal narrowing or foraminal stenosis manifests itself over the large time frame and may minimize the mobility, if no proper treatment is involved. When the back or neck stays in the same position for a long time, this may also provoke the malfunction.

    Causes of Disease

    A primary type of foraminal narrowing or, in other words, foraminal stenosis is formed during the intrauterine development of the human embryo. The following dysfunctions may provoke foraminal narrowing:

    • intracanal hematomas or displacement;
    • anatomical defect of the back arch;
    • hernia;
    • Forestier disease;
    • dysfunction of the joints.

    Common Symptoms

    This disorder usually has a big negative impact on the neck and back. The signs of the illness are the following:

    • Soreness ;
    • Sensitivity loss;
    • stinging sensations in the limbs.

    To know the precise source of foraminal stenosis, one has to turn to the specialist, who will conduct a number of check-ups. Then based on the results, medical care will be provided.

    What are the Treatment Options?

    Diagnostics of foraminal stenosis begins with a consultation, including an examination to orbserve the decrease of the motion range and the level of pain. In Orlando Medical Center “Touch of Health” the treatment includes x-Ray, MRI, CT, and the similar body scans to evaluate different factors including hernia protrusions of the discs.

    If the stage of foraminal narrowing is not critical, therapeutic methods are provided. But this is possible only when there are no pronounced neurological disorders, and the patient is concerned only with the pain syndrome. Medical treatment includes:

    • B vitamins;
    • muscle relaxants;
    • NSAIDs;
    • hormonal medicaments;
    • physiotherapy treatment;
    • massage;
    • electrophoresis.

    Exercises that do not put a lot of stress on the back, but at the same time develop the correct functions, help with foraminal narrowing.

    When is Surgery Seriously Considered?

    Progressive foraminal narrowing or foraminal stenosis tends to involve a number of unpleasant issues which worsen the quality of life. They include soreness, aching, urinary incontinence, etc. The medical staff of Orlando Medical Center “Touch of Health” performs mini-discectomy or laminectomy in the operational treatment. The specialists in our center are well-known in their field for the expertise and qualification level. Touch of Health chooses the treatment plan according to the specific case of each patient, and guarantees high-quality service.

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