Cervical Radiculopathy

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    Cervical Radiculopathy

    Cervical radiculopathy is a malfunction of the systema nervosum, the occurrence of which may be provoked by root irritation in the vertebral column. Each root correlates with the body of its vertebra and is located at the same level with it. It passes in a narrow opening of the spinal column, surrounded by the connective tissue and vascular plexuses. Problems with any of these growths cause irritation there, and consequently, cervical radiculopathy. In order to determine an adequate treatment, a medical specialist in Orlando Medical Center “Touch of Health” conducts full diagnostics to know the precise stage of cervical radiculopathy.


    We confirm that such conditions may provoke occurrence of cervical radiculopathy as:

    • Mechanical injury;
    • Metabolic disorders;
    • Hormonal disorders;
    • Weak back muscle;
    • Age-related dysfunctions;
    • Chronic irritant process;
    • Incorrect posture;
    • Spinal dysfunctions;
    • Tumors.


    Not infrequently, one may encounter the following in connection with cervical radiculopathy:

    • Headache (can be very intense);
    • Soreness or stiffness in the back muscles;
    • Paresthesia;
    • Metabolic disorders.

    If you notice any of these signs, treatment should be started without delay. We strongly advise not to rely on “home” methods. They give only a temporary effect and will not eliminate the initial source of cervical radiculopathy.

    Treatment Options

    In the beginning, the treatment requires complete rest and certain local medicaments  to minimize the accompanying indicators of cervical radiculopathy. 

    Since the success of treatment depends on the establishment of a precise diagnosis, contacting a neurologist in Orthopedic Center “Touch of Health” is a priority. In certain cases, the gravity of cervical radiculopathy consequences will be minimal after quick help, which can be provided by an osteopathic doctor using manual techniques.

    The next stage of treatment is getting rid of any soreness and aching. To treat cervical radiculopathy, certain drugs are prescribed in the form of injections, including intravenous.

    The third stage of the therapy is a recovery course, which starts the processes of restoration of the area around the disks including cartilaginous tissue damaged by cervical radiculopathy.

    Qualified neurologists of our clinic, who have extensive experience in the medical care of cervical radiculopathies, will give you individual advice and determine for you a specific regimen with a subsequent rehabilitation.

    Result of Treatment

    One can expect such results from both operational and non-operational treatment as:

    • Total pain relief;
    • Elimination of inflammation;
    • Reducing the load on vertebrae;
    • Normalizing of muscle condition.

    The specialists of our medical center have been providing high-quality medical care for numerous cases of cervical radiculopathy. Thanks to the latest methods, modern technology and high level of expertise ensure the best and consistent results in our medical practice.

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    Medically reviewed by Michael Thomas Posted on February 16, 2021

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