Facet Joint Syndrome

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    Facet joint syndrome is a malfunction of the spinal joints, which is manifested by severe soreness. The disorder is accompanied by dangerous processes which cause critical changes in the general health condition. It is important to know that normally no neurological disorders accompany the syndrome. Arthritic changes in the spine can occur in the age over 35 years, and they are also facilitated by congenital anomalies, trauma, and hypermobility of the spinal segments. Among the elderly, the occurrence of facet joint syndrome reaches over eighty percent. Daily physical exercises and swimming can serve as prophylactic treatment of the disease. These activities ensure the formation of the correct biomechanics of the spinal column.

    About Facet Joint Syndrome

    In most cases, patients feel severe local pain in limited segments of the spine. If aching is present, it is usually dull, but also may be stabbing. Back pain mainly occurs when bending and changing body position. In addition to this, facet joint syndrome may be the source of pelvic pain. Generally speaking, the above-mentioned symptoms can lead to severe limitations in normal daily life. That is why it is essential to book appointment in our Orlando Medical Center Touch of Health and to start the treatment as soon as possible.

    Spinal arthrosis is one of the most widely spread reasons. Another cause of facet joint syndrome may be previous surgery on the spinal discs. If the disc has a reduced functional capacity, then the load on the joints is automatically decreased. Cysts and tumors can provoke this disorder too. As a result, severe pain may appear, to which the body reacts by involuntary hardening of the adjacent muscles.

    Primary treatment does not involve any operations at all, being purely therapeutic. Since the main condition, that caused facet joint syndrome, cannot be eliminated, physical therapy is in the first place for proper functioning. Ideally, it is complemented by back-friendly sports such as backstroke, cycling, dancing and the like. If such methods no longer work, then facet joint syndrome is treated using a laser.

    Operational treatment involves blockades of the facet joints. This puncture method can lead to a decrease or complete disappearance of any aching for up to 6 months.

    If the facet joint syndrome is resistant, the doctor may suggest conducting such treatment as endoscopic denervation of the damaged joints. This technique can permanently eliminate the pain in the back of the patient. Since it takes place outside the spinal canal, the risk is extremely low. After just a week, patients can begin physiotherapy in order to restore the correct back functions. In case there is severe stenosis or herniated discs, then microsurgical treatment is discussed in Orlando Medical Center Touch of Health. Our clinic is well-equipped and the specialists deal with such health issues on the highest level.

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