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    Spondylolisthesis is the malfunction in the back region, and it appears due to the bodies in the spine sliding. The disorder like spondylolisthesis appears quite frequently in the dorsal area and bottom of the back, which is more mobile and experiences a bigger vertical load than the thoracic spine. Such a malfunction can be stable and unstable. In the first manifestation of spondylolisthesis, the posture taken does not affect the shift in the spine. However, when the dislocation gets worse due to the switch of the patient’s pose, then we are talking about unstable spondylolisthesis.

    Causes of Spondylolisthesis



    Due to the onset of the malfunction, occurrence of spondylolisthesis gets provoked by the following:

    • Malfunction of the arch of the spine;
    • Proliferation of connective scar tissue at the site of a trauma;
    • Arthritic changes in the joints;
    • Defect in the bone caused by a tumor.

    Symptoms of Spondylolisthesis

    Due to the dislocation and postponed treatment, the following signs occur:

    • Pain in the limbs;
    • Limping;
    • Imbalance;
    • Severe pain in the dorsal area, extending to the lower limbs;
    • malfunction of the pelvic organs is observed at a critical stage.


    When it comes to asymptomatic course of spondylolisthesis, Orlando Medical Center “Touch of Health” recommends therapeutic treatment but not spondylolisthesis surgery. In particular, the treatment includes restorative gymnastics to build up the functional muscles, the limitation of intense sports, and it is also advised to wear a special corset. Elimination of the dislocation by spondylolisthesis surgery at stages 1 and 2 is indicated for the extreme forms of spondylolisthesis. We are speaking about such malfunctions when the above-mentioned treatment does not lead to the expected effect, and pain persists.

    Surgery on Spondylolisthesis

    At the time when the dislocation is established to be by 50% or more, and the sharp pain occurs that cannot be controlled by traditional treatment, then the specialists prescribe spondylolisthesis surgery. The further factors may involve neural deficiency, reduced physical activity, progression of malfunction, as well as a strong dependence of the patient’s well-being on taking medicaments. 

    In Orlando Medical Center “Touch of Health” the operational treatment is provided by making the “jumped off” vertebral body to get back to its previous regular position and further, and then we fixate this spinal area with hypoallergenic metal. The medical term for this kind of spondylolisthesis surgery is spondylodesis. 

    Result of Treatment

    In our medical center, the treatment allows eliminating the disorders of the anatomical structure of the spine and to restore the functions of the vertebra-motor segment and neurovascular elements located at the site of the dislocation. We also guarantee that any pain and any discomfort provoked by the malfunction of spondylolisthesis will disappear as our medical professionals are highly experienced in this area.

    Written by Touch of Health
    Medically reviewed by Michael Thomas Posted on February 27, 2021

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