Tendon Transfer

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    Tendon transfer is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring muscle function. There are several types of the tendon transfer, depending on the location and type of injury: lengthening and shortening of the tendon, replacing the attachment points, etc.

    The main indications for the tendon transfer are:

    • fractures;
    • trauma;
    • adhesions;
    • contracture (limiting the range of motion);
    • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
    • paralysis, paresis;
    • chronic diseases.

    The tendon transfer is not recommended for scars and inflammations, impaired sensitivity in the operated area, blood diseases, reduced immunity, serious lesions of internal organs, diabetes mellitus, acute infection, etc. To identify possible contraindications, a specialist will examine the patient, collect necessary data about the tendons, and give a referral for additional tests.

    Before undergoing surgery for plastic surgery of the tendons, the patient will need to undergo a number of diagnostic tests: X-ray, MRI, determination of nerve patency and sensitivity of the damaged area. The tendon transfer is performed under anesthesia, which blocks the transmission of nerve impulses. The transfer can be performed both in an open way (with an incision in the skin) and in a closed way (using laparoscopic equipment). In any case, the course of the operation depends on the problem being solved. The procedure on the tendon usually takes 1 to 2 hours.

    Recovery after the Procedure

    The recovery period depends on the type and complexity of the tendon transfer. As a rule, after the transfer, a hospital stay (up to a week) is recommended under the supervision of medical personnel. Rehabilitation takes up to a month. During this period, medical massage, physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapy, etc. are prescribed.

    Written by Touch of Health Posted on May 13, 2021

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