Scapular Winging

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    What is a Scapular Winging?

    The scapular winging may manifest as a sign of neurological, organic pathology, or slouching. The anomaly, when the scapulae blades stick out, occurs in almost 40% of the world’s population, and treatment is necessary for 10%. Normally, the bone should fit snugly against the dorsal region of the chest, the lower corners of both bones should be at the same level. In scapular winging, spinning occurs along the vertical axis and the scapulae protrudes beyond the level of the back.

    If the big swing muscle is weakened, then the corners stick out, because muscle fibers are attached to the dorsal and medial bone. The serratus muscle leads the lower angle to the spine. If this muscle group loses its tone or its structure is disturbed, then it leads to scapular winging.

    Treatment of Scapular Winging

    If the shoulder blades protrude, a vertebrologist will tell you how to fix scapular winging. Soft manual techniques have practically no contraindications and will help to effectively correct deformation, stop the development of the disease and get rid of symptoms.

    Special gymnastics helps to strengthen the pectoral, dorsal and subscapularis muscles, restore the range of motion in the joint. If the scapulae sticks out, exercise should be done regularly. The medical specialist will individually select remedial gymnastics for scapular winging, the intensity and duration of the session.

    Long-term treatment is not a guarantee of recovery. In especially advanced cases of scapular winging, operational intervention may be required:

    • neurolysis;
    • innervation;
    • fixation of a scapulae by tendon transplant;
    • scapulothoracic arthrodesis.

    However, most of the operations lead to disability due to the limitation of movement in the joint. The doctor prescribes the operation after a certain period of time, because with proper treatment, functional recovery is possible in 1-2 years.

    Written by Touch of Health Posted on April 27, 2021

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