Vertebral Compression Fracture

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    A vertebral compression fracture is a very serious and dangerous malfunction. Squeezing of one or two vertebrae occurs at once, which leads to rupture of bone tissue. Typically, this injury can be experienced after falling from a significant height or during a car collision. But sometimes, the vertebral compression fracture can happen because of excessive stress, e.g. during heavy lifting. These traumas are more likely to involve the pectoral spine or lower back. And one cannot hesitate with the treatment in Orlando Medical Center “Touch of Health”, otherwise the surgery will be required later. 

    Vertebral Compression Fracture

    Causes of Vertebral Compression Fracture




    The most common cause of such trauma is falling onto legs and buttocks. When hitting a hard surface, the bone elements squeeze each other and break. One or more elements of the spine can be damaged. 

    The vertebral compression fracture can be stable, not accompanied by displacement of the vertebrae, and unstable, in when they are dislocated. In some cases, vertebral compression fracture is provoked by the decrease in bone strength. Thus, the injury may occur for no good reason.

    Symptoms of Vertebral Compression Fracture

    This injury can be recognized by certain signs, the main one of which is pain of an intense nature, affecting the entire back area. The following signals also indicate a vertebral compression fracture:

    • Severe pain syndrome;
    • Lack of sensations and physical strength in the upper and lower extremities;
    • Limited spine mobility;
    • pain radiating to different body parts;
    • back discomfort appears when inhaling or exhaling;
    • general weakness of the body increases.

    These indicators clearly mean that a vertebral compression fracture has happened. The diagnosis is confirmed is unpleasant pain appears when pressing on the axis of the spine.



    Therapeutic treatment is applied in a high percentage of the vertebral compression fracture cases. Orlando Medical Center “Touch of Health ” uses effective methods and the latest technologies for medical care. The treatment is selected only on an individual basis and consists of:

    • resonant wave UHF therapy;
    • fematron injections;
    • rehabilitation on the special simulator;
    • joint block;
    • drug treatment.


    For complex injuries, such operations in treatment are indicated as vertebroplasty and spondylosyndesis. However, if the vertebrae cannot be restored, the doctor will suggest the placement of the bone or synthetic grafts. It is possible to perform endoprosthetics of a vertebra or several vertebrae. In this case, a stabilizing system of plates and bridges will be installed in order to support the spine.

    Result of Treatment of Vertebral Compression Fracture

    In addition to vertebral compression fractures, our specialists also treat its consequences. As a result, one can expect such effects from the treatment as:

    • severe back pain relief;
    • restoring strength of weakened muscles;
    • restoring impaired mobility of the spine;
    • normalized blood circulation in the bone tissue;
    • strengthening of the core.
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    Medically reviewed by Michael Thomas Posted on February 27, 2021

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