Charity-event dedicated to the International Children’s Day!

Dear friends! 

We are happy to announce that on behalf of Foundation for Foster Children and JMJ Pregnancy Center, we are going to hold a donation gathering charity event dedicated to International Children’s Day! 

It was so heartbreaking for us to discover that when kids are removed from their homes, which usually happens in a rush, they either leave with no belongings or just a trash bag of items. That’s why we want to supply those children with all necessary things right away,  to make that transition period as smooth as possible for them. Leaving everything behind and starting over a new life may sound scary even for adults, so imagine how terrified those kids are. Nothing can help them better than understanding that people around care and they can rely on us. 

We also encourage our community to support children by active participation in various educational and enrichment programs for kids. Unfortunately, education is almost always delayed and disrupted for them. Life on the move without parents to provide continuity leaves these kids particularly ill-equipped for the transition to adulthood. Many of them are two years behind their peers in school. Sharing your knowledge and skills with the children will lead them to a better and brighter future! 

Besides helping children, our mission is to bring our community together and increase people’s awareness of the problems that our society faces everyday. There is no one to pass it to but ourselves! Jointly we can overcome all difficulties and make our world better!

Together we can help kids in foster care, expecting moms and their families on this difficult journey by providing them with the things they need but, unfortunately, can’t afford. 

If you have an opportunity to help, please see a list of the items kids need below: 

Foundation for foster Children (new items)

  • Clothing for boys and girls (for any age and size) 
  • Baby changing kits, wipes, lotions, diapers 
  • Laundry baskets, towels, personal hygiene products 
  • Bedding, baby blankets with stuffed animals 
  • Baby proofing kits
  • Sport indoor and outdoor games and supplies 
  • Birthdays gift sets: princess, superheroes, dinosaurs, headphones, diaries (for teens)

JMJ Pregnancy Center (new and used items):

  • Clothing (new borntoddlers) 
  • Size 5 & 6 diapers
  • Baby bottles (new)
  • Pacifiers (new)
  • Wipe warmers
  • NB Toys
  • Cribs and mattress 
  • High chairs
  • Car Seats
  • Manual breast-feeding pumps, pads, tubes (new) 
  • Maternity Clothes

The main goal of our charity event is to give care, love and support to those kids and families who really need it and bring our community together.

We plan to make this a family event, make sure you bring your kids with you. 

What to expect: 

– Funny Sergio the Italian Juggler 

– Chess Master Class 

– Rhythmic gymnastics class for kids

– Outdoor and indoor entertainment 

– Outdoor barbecue
– Tea and some sweets

Location: 1405 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32804
Date: May 29th, 11am- 4pm

Great thanks to our main sponsors: 

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  • Aleksey Gavrilov, known to millions as Funny Sergio the Italian Juggler. Aleksiy has been featured on Univision’s Good Morning America, and used to perform seven shows per day at Walt Disney World’s Epcot.

If you won’t have a chance to join us, you can drop off your donations at:

Foundation for Foster Children: 2265 Lee Rd suite 203, Winter Park, FL 32789

JMJ Pregnancy Center: 1401 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32804

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.”
Babara Mikulski 

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