Treatment of hands with a fracture

A broken arm is a very unpleasant and painful sensation, so much so that you simply can not do without the help of a certain specialist. This is a fact, in other words, you should not rely on trifles. In this article, we will tell you what to do in this case and what to do to avoid leaving this problem until serious complications.

Treatment directly depends on the complexity and whether the fracture is open or closed. Also, the treatment is to properly heal the bone and the hand began to work normally after such a serious injury. Traumatologists and orthopedists are engaged in the treatment of such a complication. Basically, most of the fractures are closed and do not require surgery.

In order for the bones to heal, the site of the injury is fixed with a special bandage or bandage for minor fractures. Orthoses are often used. These methods are more modern. But still, most often a cast is applied, which reliably fixes and protects the hand.

Applying plaster

The application of plaster should also be carried out by a specialist and when applying it, there should not be a strong compression of the hand. If the plaster is very tight, it will be noticeable because the fingers become swollen, pale and have a bluish tinge. The brush becomes cold, as the normal flow of blood is blocked.

If such symptoms are observed, then immediately it is necessary to consult a doctor, as ignoring can lead to serious complications. For example: necrosis, the formation of bedsores, loss of motor functions of the hand, problems with blood circulation. All these complications can provoke much more serious consequences – necrosis and, as a result, amputation of the limb.

In cases where small particles are displaced evenly, then before applying the plaster, the bone is put in place, and then the plaster is applied. Specialist can confirm how much a hand fracture is fused, despite the fact that this process is individual and depends on many factors and type.


After 7-10 days after applying the plaster, it is necessary to conduct a second X-ray, which will show how the bone tissue grows together. The hand should be in constant rest, as the slightest movement causes pain to the victim. Therefore, not only anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, but also painkillers. The pain can be bothering for at least 14 days.

How much the hand heals with an open form of fracture, only a specialist in the field of traumatology knows, since this form is more serious and can lead to a number of complications. Moreover, an open fracture requires surgical intervention, and this method of treatment is necessary in any case.

If an open fracture has caused complications, then metal spokes or screws can be installed to fasten the bone and allow it to heal properly. This often happens if the bone is broken into several parts. There is such a design for a certain time, until the bone is completely fused and only after that it is removed.

With such surgical intervention, a person is given anesthesia and then given strong painkillers, medications. After the operation is performed successfully, a cast is applied. An open fracture of the arm bone takes much longer to heal than a normal one.

Installed structures after fusion are removed through incisions, which are made in those places where scars were left during installation. If the person is old enough, then the spokes are put, which are not removed, so as not to injure the person once again.


Now that you have familiarized yourself with the treatment process, you can safely confirm the following fact: only specialists can help to advise, make a full-fledged treatment and accompany the entire course of rehabilitation.

Written by Touch of Health Posted on January 12, 2021