Patient successful stories of Dr. Mark Biondi

We understand that no two patients are alike, and neither is their treatment journey. Each patient’s journey, though, has some common traits: strength, determination, persistence and sense of hope in the battle against disease. Our patients inspire us every day. We tell their stories here.

Here you will find the successful stories of Dr. Biondi’s patients, as well as reviews about him. We tried to get the most detailed feedback about the work of Dr. Biondi.

Mark Biondi

Dr. Mark Biondi was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa. At the age of three, his parents relocated to Merritt Island, so he has spent most of his life on the Space Coast and around Central Florida. He attended Merritt Island High where he developed an early interest in athletic training and sports medicine that would later lead him to pursue a career as a Chiropractic Physician. He attended Brevard Community College (now Eastern Florida State College) and the University of Central Florida. He then enrolled at Logan University, College of Chiropractic Medicine, where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.


Reviews and testimonials

  • Dr. Mark Biondi was an extremely knowledgeable doctor with great communication skills. Everything made it easy for me to understand all my issues. Thank You!!
  • I use Dr. Mark Biondi for monthly chiropractic visits and love his techniques, I feel so much better after being adjusted by Dr. Biondi.
    He’s very good with last minute bookings too! I call in the morning and more often than not I’ll have an appointment that afternoon. I highly suggest booking an appointment with him.
  • Dr. Biondi was amazing. I had a major emergency issue with my neck and he saw me straight away in the morning. He treated me with the best method for my injury and called later on in the afternoon to check on my progress. His care is affordable, efficient and I started feeling results the same day. The visit was well worth it. Thanks Dr. Biondi!
  • I have had chronic back pain for over 20 years. I have seen countless chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedists, pain specialists, neurologists, etc. none were able to help me very much. I have tried everything including cortisone injections, epidural shots, nerve ablations, a plethora of prescribed drugs that messed with my head. No relief whatsoever. I was feeling hopeless and resigning myself to surgery earlier this year. Then I found Dr. Biondi. Within 1 month I was walking pain free. 2 months into movement therapy now and I’m feeling better than I have since I was a teenager. Getting stronger everyday. No more awful drugs and no surgery! I am so grateful to Biondi. He has really given me hope where I had none and made my life so much better. I didn’t think I would ever know what it’s like to not be in constant pain everyday, but here I am. I have also seen their massage therapists and they were all incredible. Acupuncture too and the receptionists are very friendly. This place is the best!
  • I really appreciate the care the staff here gives. I usually see Dr. Biondi and am always impressed by his knowledge and passion for his craft. He takes the time to get to know the patients and creates a plan based on each individual. I have a lot of trust in this office and appreciate the efforts they make for their patients. One time, I was about to leave the country on vacation but knew something was wrong with my alignment based on my headaches. Dr. Biondi was willing to squeeze me in that day to make sure I was in the best alignment possible before I headed out of my cruise. It’s amazing.
  • Dr. Biondi has a great pair of hands. It has been around 12-13 sessions till now with him over 6 weeks and I have a lot of relief from my neck and back pain. The pain is still there but much reduced and I am sure with regular care I will be free of this pain. I was told by surgeons to go for ACDF surgery as soon as possible. Dr. Biondi gave me the trust that I am not a candidate for surgery and I surely feel so after only a few adjustment sessions with him. He is a very good chiropractor. I feel great after the adjustments. I recommend him completely!