Top 11 causes sports injuries in our life

Causes of sports injuries-direct disregard for the rules of proper training techniques and compliance with the regime. Any sports competitions and training are not complete without at least the slightest damage. Joints, muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments are most often affected. Injuries can occur for completely different reasons, depending on the sport.

Let’s look at the 11 most well-known and frequent causes of sports injuries:


The most common cause of sports injury is overexertion. In this case, the injury depends on the interaction of human and external factors. External factors include mistakes during training, such as not enough time to rest, using a heavy load, or an excessive number of identical movements. Combining this with human factors may result in an undesirable result. Runners, for example, are more likely to be injured when the intensity or duration of a race increases too quickly.

2.Athlete’s indiscipline

There are cases when an athlete allows himself to use prohibited techniques, not having enough experience for this, knowledge and not owning the necessary technique. This can injure not only himself, but also the opponent (if there is one).

3. Breaks in sports

Breaks can lead to a decrease in the functional capabilities of the body and its physical qualities. Often, after a long break, the athlete tries to perform complex techniques, which can result not only in defeat, but also in injury.

4. Shortcomings and errors in the method of conducting classes

Injuries are caused by the fact that not all coaches, training athletes perform important principles of training.

5. Lack of technical training

In sports, especially complex types, increasing the speed of movement should go in parallel with improving the technique of movement.

6. Incorrect placement of students

This includes joint training or games on the same territory of different sports, the lack of distribution of athletes by age, weight category, and other criteria.

7. Violation of security rules

Safety is an important component in everyday life. In sports, and especially in extreme sports, non-compliance with security rules can result in death.

8. Poorly equipped training facility

Poor lighting, slippery floors, faulty exercise equipment, etc. lead to unexpected injuries.

9. Dramatic weight gain

Being overweight is primarily detrimental to physical activity. He also creates the preconditions for the occurrence of injuries.

In some sports, this criterion is one of the most important, as it can lead to serious injuries, for example, shoulder in bodybuilding, back breakdowns in weightlifting, and so on.

10. Smoking

Sports activities require active functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, so they are absolutely incompatible with Smoking. In addition, nicotine weakens the psychophysiological functions of the body associated with the speed and accuracy of movement.

11. Disadvantages of personal protective equipment

Protective equipment used in many sports significantly reduces the number of injuries in training and competitions. In some cases, they can prevent not only damage, but also death.

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Written by Touch of Health Posted on December 30, 2020