9 possible causes of back pain that you may have

One of the most common phenomena that every person has encountered is back pain. It may be temporary, or it may be permanent. Most often, people neglect full-fledged treatment, washing down the pain with various medications, analgesics and do not think about the cause of the pain and its further consequences. Due to this negligent attitude to health, serious pathologies and complications soon develop, which accordingly requires immediate medical intervention.

Let’s clarify what can be the causes of back pain?

1. Pain in the right side

Very often, the right side of the back hurts due to kyphosis or scoliosis, however, the displacement of the intervertebral disc can also have an impact. We can assume the development of such pathologies as appendicitis, obesity, cholecystitis, nephritis, salpingitis.

2. Pain in the left side

Sometimes unpleasant sensations occur under the rib or near the lower back on the left side of the back, which can be the cause of: splenitis, urolithiasis or displacement of the spine. Pain on the left side of the hypochondrium may indicate bronchitis, intercostal neuralgia, or heart disease. If the left side of the back hurts from below, it is possible that this is a disease of the pelvic organs.

3. Pain in the lumbar region

The five lumbar vertebrae are often inflamed from sciatica, intervertebral hernia, and osteochondrosis. Rarely diagnosed: osteoporosis, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Lower back pain on the right

Burning pain just above the lower back appears with curvature of the spine, tuberculosis of the spine, neuralgia, osteomyelitis.

Pulling pain is a direct sign of scoliosis, myositis, degenerative changes in the vertebrae.

Acute pain indicates the need to diagnose concretions in the urinary or gall bladder, or kidney inflammation.

5. Lower back pain on the left

Aching pain in the left lower back – the likelihood of circulatory disorders, scoliosis and osteochondrosis. Such diagnoses mainly occur in people who are constantly in a sitting position.

Constant pain on the left while walking is typical for patients with diabetes, sciatica.

“Shoots” in the left side of the lower back – signs are characteristic of stomach ulcers.

6. A pinched nerve

Sciatica is compression of the sciatic nerve without destroying the myelin sheath. This is usually a consequence of osteochondrosis. The pain in this case is acute and sharp, which gives to the lower limb, sacrum, lower back.

7. Intervertebral hernia

A herniated disc is a bulge in the disc core resulting from the destruction of the fibrous ring and low elasticity of the disc. The deformity directly depends on the increased load on the spine, lack of nutrients and impaired metabolism. With a low load and heavy lifting, the distance between the vertebrae decreases, so the hernia protrudes more. The pain is sharp.

8. Pain in the shoulder blades

Paired bones in the clavicle and humerus connect the back muscles and the shoulder brace. The pain occurs under the shoulder blades, between them, in the left or right part, between the ribs.

If the pain is dull or aching, increases gradually, stomach ulcers may develop.

If the pain is aching and gives to the shoulder, it increases when the hand moves, and the scapular-rib syndrome develops.

If it hurts between the shoulder blades, but at the same time dizzy, blood pressure changes, hands become numb, then this is osteochondrosis.

9. Pain along the spine and back

Pain throughout the spine or at a specific point indicates that the nerve endings are clamped. Exacerbation occurs when the curvature.

Vertebral pain occurs in myalgia, osteoarthritis, vertebral fracture, spondylosis.

As such, we know the types and causes of pain, but to avoid them in the future, we strongly recommend that you visit our orthopedic center Touch of Health in Orlando and make an appointment today, so that tomorrow your life will be better and your health will be stronger than before.

Approved by the Touch of Health Editorial Board Posted on March 3, 2015